Week 2: Algal interactions

Coral-[macro]algal interactions

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Primary/required reading

(Articles posted to the right)

(1)   Barrott KL, Williams GJ, Vermeij MJA, Harris J, Smith JE, Rohwer FL, Sandin SA. 2012. Natural history of coral-algae competition across a gradient of human activity in the Line Islands. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 460: 1-12.

(2)   Hoey AS, Bellwood DR. 2011. Suppression of herbivory by macroalgal density: a critical feedback on coral reefs? Ecology Letters 14:267-73.

Supplementary/background (optional) reading

I'm not assigning this paper, but if you are interested in reef ecology and have never read it, you should. It's a classic and provides great background on coral-algal interactions):

Littler MM, Littler DS. 1984. Models of tropical reef biogenesis: the contribution of algae. Progr. Phycol. Res. 3: 323-64

Interesting synthesis of an attempted large-scale nutrient enrichment experiment:

Koop K (and a lot of other authors). 2001. ENCORE: The effect of nutrient enrichment on coral reefs. Synthesis of results and conclusions. Mar. Pollution Bulletin. 42(2):91-120.

Some other experimental papers:

Jompa J and McCook LJ. 2002. The effects of nutrients and herbivory on competition between a hard coral (Porites cylindrica) and a brown alga (Lobophora variegata). Limnol. Oceanogr. 47(2) 527-534.

**Smith JE, Smith CM, Hunter CL. 2001. An experimental analysis of the effects of herbivory and nutrient enrichment on benthic community dynamics on a Hawaiian reef. Coral Reefs 19: 332-42.

**Stimson J, Larned ST, Conklin E. 2001. Effects of herbivory, nutrient levels, and induced algae on the distribution and abundance of the invasive macroalga, Dictyosphaeria cavernosa in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Coral Reefs 19: 343-357.

** These papers are in a special issue of Coral Reefs dedicated to coral-algal interactions


I've posted the week 2 notes as a pdf (see sidebar).


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