Week 6: Adaptation, acclimation and variation

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Required Reading

1. Palumbi SR, Barshis DJ, Traylor-Knowles K, Bay RA. 2014. Mechanisms of reef coral resistance to future climate change. Science 344:895-8.

2. Meyer E, Aglyamova GV, Matz MV. 2011. Profiling gene expression responses of coral larvae (Acropora millepora) to elevated temperature and settlement inducers using a novel RNA-Seq procedure. Mol Ecol 20: 3599-3616

Note: The Meyer et al. paper isn't the newest, but I really like it. It changed my thinking when it came out.

Recommended/Optional Reading

1. Polato NR, Altman NS, Baums IB. 2013. Variation in the transcriptional response of threatened coral larvae to elevated temperatures. Mol Ecol 22:1366-82

Note: Lest anyone feel cheated because the Meyer paper is a couple years old...here is a very recent paper that investigates similar questions.

2. Castillo KD, Ries JB, Weiss JM, Lima FP. 2012. Decline of forereef corals in response to recent warming linked to history of thermal exposure. Nature Climate Change 2:756-760.

3. Ferrari MCO, Dixson DL, Munday PL, McCormick MI, Meekan MG, Sih A, Chivers DP. 2011. Intrageneric variation in antipredator responses of coral reef fishes affected by ocean acidification: implications for climate change projections on marine communities. Global Change Biol 17: 2980-6.

Note: I think you can tell that I have a bit of a coral bias...but I don't want to stand in your way of exploring other things! Here is a paper about variation among closely related fish speces in responses to OA.


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