GEOHAB Modeling Workshop 2009

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 Desired Outcomes: 
  • Development of strategies for using observations and models to address the science questions articulated in the GEOHAB Core Research Project  Open Science Meeting Reports
  • Student training
  • Special issue of a journal
  • Stimulate modeling activity in GEOHAB Core Research Projects (CRPs)
  • Entrain researchers at all levels (students, postdocs, faculty, etc.) into HAB modeling
  • Facilitate dialog between model developers and HAB researchers involved in process studies through joint training sessions
  • Improve understanding of HAB processes through linkage of models, in situ observations, and remote sensing
  • Foster linkage between HAB modeling and the broader community of biogeochemical, ecosystem, and population dynamics modeling
  • Highlight species-specific aspects intrinsic to HAB modeling: autecology, behavior, species interactions, toxin production, etc.
  • Improve capabilities for prediction of HABs and quantitative assessment of their skill
  • Encourage the use of advanced data assimilation techniques in HAB modeling
  • Encourage the use of observing system simulation experiments (OSSEs) in array design
  • Improve forecast products and their dissemination to maximize their benefit to the user community
  • Develop a written glossary for terminology


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