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» Sherwood Boehlert Interview

» Improving How Scientists Communicate

» Response to Hassol

» Don Kennedy Editorial

» Put Some Science in Your Life.

» Keep it Simple

» Pace v. Diguglielmo

» Fun with physics

» Art of Math

» Plainly_Speaking_38485.pdf

» Tips for first drafts

» "The Science of Scientific Writing"


1) "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser
(as close as it gets to a “holy book” for writers)


Week 5

Tips for first drafts.

"The Science of Scientific Writing" by George D. Gopen

Week 2

K.C. Cole, Fun with Physics, New Yorker, June 2, 2003.

Lonny Lippsett, The Art of Math, Columbia, 1990.

R. Hoffman, "Plainly Speaking", American Scientist, Vol 75, Pg. 418.

Week 1

Jeffrey Mervis, et al, (2006).  SHERWOOD BOEHLERT INTERVIEW: Explaining Science to Power: Make It Simple, Make It Pay. .Science 314, 1228.

Hassol, SJ (2008). Improving How Scientists Communicate About Climate Change.  EOS, 89(11), 106-107.

Letter to EOS - Response to Hassol's article.

Don Kennedy Editorial for Science: "Approaching Science".

NYT article - Put Some Science in Your Life.

Keep it Simple.

Pace vs. DiGuglielmo

Web Resources

Week 1

1) Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark
A compilation of valuable lessons and tips in digestible bits, originally published as columns online (and still available there at:

2) Science in the News from American Scientist:
Published by Sigma Xi, this is a daily source of crisp, clear, and concise summaries of current science stories, with links to full stories. You can sign up to receive free daily e-mails:

3) Knight Science Journalism Tracker:
Another interesting daily science news feed you can sign up to receive. This one compiles various takes by different writers on the same, breaking science stories, and also provides some commentary on journalistic approaches.

4) Physicists in Congress Calculate Their Influence (New York Times, 6/10/08):


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