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» Revised (7/9) Class Syllabus

» Week 1 PPT

» Week 1 PPT Handout

» Wk 2: Reference for Class

» Week 2 projection

» Lesson 3 - Powerpoint - images, not words

» Lesson 3 - PDF of Powerpoint

» Week 5 - Five Sentences, after class discussion

Class Meeting Time and Place

Tuesdays, 3:30-5:00
Co-Instructors: Chris Reddy and Lonny Lippsett
Class assistant: Sheila Clifford


Class Schedule
 Date  Topic / Class Powerpoint presentation
 June 10

“Science” is a language that most people don’t understand.
Powerpoint ; PDF Handout of PPT

 June 17

Analysis of science writing - methods and tools
Reference item (updated after class); Class presentation

 June 24 How to tell stories not in words and print.
Presentation by Danielle Fino and
Katherine Spencer Joyce
Powerpoint; PDF of slides
 July 1 Analyze and critique good and bad illustrations and photos sent in by you.
 July 8 Analyze and critique ledes, nut grafs sent in by you (Bogomolni, Cheetahs, Krawczynski).   Here is the final "workbook" from this discussion. 

Analyze proposed five sentences for your stories.
PDF of sentences that were, and were not, discussed in class. 
 July 15 Writing tips
 July 22 Guests: Peter Lord, environmental reporter, Providence Journal 
 July 29 Critique first drafts of writing and graphics, with a focus on ledes
 August 5 Guests: Liz Saito and Don Kennedy.
 August 12 Analyze draft 2s, showing how problems were solved.
Might also do the same with example(s) of graphics, if possible. 
 August 19 Show some splendid finished products and celebrate 


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