User Manual for Alvin Video Mosaicking Software Suite

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Here is a direct link to the User Manual:

The first two pages of the User Manual are handy "Check Lists" for automated and manual processing of video mosaics.  Currently (May 2008), in order to use "automated processing" for photomosaic dive tracks you need a navigation file, video recorded to DVCam tapes, and a DVCam deck.  We are using the term "manual processing" to refer to using the software to create mosaics from AVI movie files that are not necessarily associated with vehicle navigation and/or DVCam video.

Please note: In both "automated" and "manual processing" above, the actual registration of image pairs (video frames) is via an automated process with a support vector machine.  Manual processing also includes software programs such as "Feature" that allow for the user to manually register image pairs based on matching features.

Here is a direct link to the Copyright Disclaimer:

Please note that the User Manual and Copyright Disclaimer are provided in the subfolder "PDFs" when you download the software.

Suggested citation: Rzhanov, Y. and Beaulieu, S. (2007) Alvin Video Mosaicking Software Suite User Manual. 35 pp. + Appendix. Version 27 Jul. 2007.


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