Current Projects

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Marine Microbial Genomics:

  • NSF Science and Technology Center, Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (C-MORE) (NSF); Co-PI with D. Karl, PI, U. Hawaii
  • Team Leader for C-MORE Synthesis and Modeling Theme

Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Dynamics

  • Basin-scale and global ocean ecosystem model development and data-based evaluation (w/ K. Moore UC Irvine; K. Lindsay NCAR)
  • Ocean biological feedbacks on global coupled climate-carbon cycle dynamics (w/ N. Mahowald Cornell University; I. Fung UC Berkeley; M. Behrenfeld Oregon State) (NASA)
  • Hindcasting seasonal to interannual variability in air-sea CO2 flux (w/ R. Feely, NOAA/PMEL; Mahowald Cornell University; J. Carton U. Maryland) (NASA)
  • Modeling of ocean sulfur dynamics (NSF)
  • Ocean iron fertilization
  • Geochemical and biological impacts of ocean acidification
  • Climate Process Team (CPT) on Southern Ocean water mass transformation and the carbon-cycle (w/ J. Sarmiento Princeton) (NOAA)
  • Primary production and net community production in the Southern Ocean (w/ M. Bender Princeton) (NASA)
  • Marine food-web in Palmer Station Antarctica Long Term Ecological Research (PAL-LTER) (NSF-OPP)

Ocean Satellite Remote Sensing

Climate & Global Carbon Cycle

  • Coupled climate-carbon cycle modeling in Community Climate System Model (CCSM)
  • CCSM Biogeochemistry Working Group
  • Carbon-climate interactions with increasing water demand (w/ I. Fung UC Berkeley)
  • Satellite observations of atmospheric CO2, NASA Ocean Carbon Observatory (OCO)
  • Data assimilation of atmospheric CO2
    • Variational methods and OSSEs (w/ D. Baker CSU)
    • NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO)

Ocean CO2 and Tracer Field Work


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