3-D Model Grid

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The detail of GoM/GB model grid and domain setup is described at Chen's FVCOM site (click here). The following is a brief introduction.

The model domain covers the GoM/GB and is enclosed by an open boundary running from the Nova Scotian shelf west of the Laurentian Channel down to the New Jersey shelf. The horizontal resolution of the unstructured model grid is ~1 km near the coast and around the 60-m and 200-m isobaths on GB, and about 5-8 km in the interior of the GOM and near the open boundary. In the vertical, a uniform σ coordinate grid is used, with a vertical resolution of Δσ= 0.0323 (31 points in the vertical). This resolution corresponds to ~1.3-6.7 m vertical resolution over the depth range of 40-200 m on GB and 10-m spacing over the off-bank depths of 300 m (the model has a cut-off depth of 300 m in slope region).


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