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Key things to remember

The plane of the ball is the offsides line, so you must stay on your side of the ball.  This means:
--  you can only pass backwards
--  you cannot block
--  always stay behind your teammate who has the ball

You should be moving forward (sprinting) when you catch the ball.  This makes it easier to get through small holes in the defense.

You can pass across the field faster than you can run across the field.

On offense, you should stay steep behind your adjacent teammate to be in support.

On defense, you should stay flat with your teammates across the field (zone coverage).
(If you over chase someone you will leave a gap in the defense.)

A brief overview of the rules we play by...

The attacking team must start with a kick from their end of the field.

After a team scores the play begins again with a kick.

The kicking team may not recover their own kick.

No other kicking is allowed.

A touch is made by one hand on any part of the body ("touch" should be yelled out).

After being touched, the player with the ball must restart play at the point of the touch.  Play is restarted either by tapping the ball with a foot, or placing the ball on the ground and steping over it (another player from the team -- the "dummy half"-- then picks up the ball).

After touching the attacking player with the ball, all defending team members must retreat at least 10 feet.  (Any defending player not back 10 feet with the ball is put into play, cannot participate in the play until they have retreated to an on-side position).

The attacking team continues play until they have had 4 (or 5) touches.

After being touched 4 times the ball is handed over to the other side.

To score, the ball must be taken into the endzone and touched to the ground (downward pressure).

Knock-on: When the ball is dropped or knocked forward onto the ground.

Forward Pass: When the ball is passed in front of the player who possessed the ball.

Out-of-bounds (Into-touch): When a player runs out of bounds, or the ball is thrown out of bounds.

Offside: If the defending players do not retreat 10 ft after the touch they are offside.

Shepherd or Obstruction: Obstructing a touch from the defending side. Setting a "pick".


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