In Situ Sensors Group 2007 Meetings

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» Chae et al., 2008 -- Anti-fouling coatings for optical sensors
Chae, K. H., Y. M. Jang, Y. H. Kim, O.-J. Sohn, and J. I. Rhee, Anti-fouling epoxy coatings for optical biosensor application based on phosphorylcholine, Sensors and Actuators B, vol 24, 153-160, 2008.

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2007 Meeting Dates

Jan 22
WHOI Resources and Facilities      

Discussed Info
What WHOI Facilities do you want?  See the sidebar below.
Feb 26Polar Regions

Discussion Info
Mar 26Biofouling

Discussed Info
Ben Van Mooy's research page
Apr 23Coastal Regions

May 21Fluid Handling

McLane Research Laboratories, Inc.
Jun 25
Methane/Cold Seeps

Jul 23Miscellaneous components: batteries, lighting, communication, etc.

Discussed Info
Aug 27Plankton

Discussed Info 
FlowCytobot Papers:  Sosik, et al, 2003Olson, et al., 2003Olson & Sosik, 2007Sosik & Olson, 2007
ESP Paper

Sep 24
Smith Conference Room


Oct 22
MRF Room 204


Nov 19
Smith Conference Room

Hydrothermal Systems

Dec 17
MRF Room 204


What Facilities do you want?

What type of facilities do you want or do you think WHOI needs?

  • Pressure & Temperature test facility
    • With power & comms (fiber optics) into the test chamber
  • An overall Manager for the current Pressure Test Facility
  • A standardized Dock Testing Facility
    • With a van with solid power & comms
    • With a node on the seafloor off the dock (MVCO- or ORION-compatible)
  • ???


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