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  • Do you believe you have observed misconduct or other unethical or illegal activity at work?
  • Do you have a concern that should be brought to the administration's attention,but wish to remain anonymous?
  • Or do you simply need someone with whom to discuss a work-related concern, to work through options, etc.?

If you answer "yes" to any of those questions, consider using the Openline to contact Karen Rauss, an outside consultant with more than 20 years experience working as the Ombudsperson at WHOI.

Openline can be reached by phone at 508-566-OPEN (6736) or by email at

This service is provided as a resource to all WHOI employees, postdocs and students.

Openline is available as an alternative to existing internal channels and resources for raising workplace / academic issues (for example, the Academic Programs Office, the Human Resources office,
Education Coordinators and department offices and managers).

The primary purpose in establishing this alternative, neutral, independent, confidential resource is to provide an anonymous route for reporting serious instances of improper or unethical conduct. From this perspective, although Karen may know your identity, once you have provided the necessary information regarding the situation or concern, she will forward a report in writing to the appropriate Institution official or manager and, to the extent possible, will keep your identity anonymous. In the event that anonymity cannot be maintained, Karen will attempt to inform you in advance of disclosing the information to WHOI.

If, as is more typical, the situation is not at the level that subjects it to being reported, the discussion with Karen will remain confidential. Only overall generic statistics will be maintained by Openline.

Karen P. Rauss, LLC
508-566-OPEN (6736)


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