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Jackson, M. G., S. R. Hart, A. A. P. Koppers,  H. Staudigel , J. Konter, J. Blusztajn , M. Kurz & J. A. Russell, The return of subducted continental crust in Samoan lavas,  Nature,  in press, July 2007.

Sims, K. W. W. S. R. Hart, M. K. Reagan, J. Blusztajn, R. Sohn, H. Staudigel, G. Layne, L. Ball, J. Andrews, 238U-230Th-226Ra-210Pb-210Po, 232Th-228Ra and 235U-231Pa constraints on the ages and petrogenesis of Vailuluu and Malumalu Lavas, Samoa, G-Cubed, submitted April 2007, in revision.

Jackson, M. G., M. D. Kurz and S. R. Hart, Finding FOZO: New Samoan lavas reveal a hemispherically heterogeneous high 3He/4He mantle, Earth Planetary Science Letters, submitted April, 2007, in revision.


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