Skill Assessment for Coupled Biological/Physical Models of Marine Systems

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 A Special Issue of the

 Journal of Marine Systems

 Editors: Daniel R. Lynch
  Dartmouth College
  Dennis J. McGillicuddy
  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  Francisco E. Werner
  University of North Carolina


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Lynch, D.R., McGillicuddy, D.J., and F.E. Werner.  Introduction to Volume: Skill Assessment for Coupled Biological/Physical Models of Marine Systems.

Gregg, W.W. and N.W. Casey.  Skill assessment of a spectral ocean-atmosphere radiative model. 

Jolliff, J.K., Kindle, J.C., Shulman, I., Penta, B., Friedrichs, M.A.M., Helber, R., and R.A. Arnone.  Summary diagrams for coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem model skill assessment.  

Wallhead, P.J., Martin, A.P., Srokosz, M.A., and P.J.S. Franks.  Skill Assessment via Cross Validation and Monte Carlo Simulation:  An Application to George's Bank Plankton Models.

Stow, C.A, and D. Scavia.  Modeling Hypoxia in the Chesapeake Bay: Ensemble Estimation Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model.  

Allen, J.I. and P.J. Somerfield.  A multivariate approach to model skill assessment. 

Fennel, W.  Parameterizations of truncated food web models from the perspective of an end-to-end model approach.
Related material: Fennel, W., Towards bridging biogeochemical and fish-production models.

 Steele, J. H.  Assessment of some linear food web methods. 

Related material: Steele et al., Balancing end-to-end budgets of the Georges Bank ecosystem. In press.

Sheng Y.P. and T. Kim.  Skill assessment of an integrated modeling system for shallow coastal and estuarine ecosystems.

Stumpf, R.P., Tomlinson, M.C., Calkins, J.A., Kirkpatrick, B., Nierenberg, K., Currier, R., Wynne, T.T., and K. Fisher.  Skill assessment for an operational algal bloom forecast system.  

Stow, C.A., Jolliff, J., McGillicuddy, D.J., Doney, S.C., Allen, J.I., Friedrichs, M.A., Rose, K.A., and P. Wallhead.  Skill assessment for coupled biological/physical models of marine systems.  

Smith, K.W., McGillicuddy, D.J., and D.R. Lynch.  Parameter estimation using an ensemble smoother: the effect of the circulation in biological estimation.

Rose, K.A., Roth, B.M. and E.P. Smith.  Skill assessment of spatial maps for oceanographic modeling. 

Gregg, W.W., Freidrichs, M.A.M., Robinson, A.R., Rose, K.A., Schlitzer, R., Thompson, K.R., and S.C. Doney.  Skill assessment in ocean biological data assimilation.   

Fitzpatrick, J.  Assessing skill of estuarine and coastal eutrophication models for water quality managers.  

Doney, S.C., Lima, I., Moore, J.K., Lindsay, K., Behrenfeld, M., Westberry, T.K., Mahowald, N., Glover, D.M., McGillicuddy, D.J. and T. Takahashi.  Skill metrics for confronting global upper ocean ecosystem-biogeochemistry models against field and remote sensing data.  

Friedrichs, M.A.M., Carr, M.E., Barber, R.T., Scardi, M. and the PPARR team.  Assessing the Uncertainties of Model Estimates of Primary Productivity in the Tropical Pacific Ocean.  


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