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» Apple mail confguration

Step 1:  Select Preferences under the Mail menu and then select accounts and highlight
             your WHOI IMAP account.
Step 2:  On the right hand side, click on Server Settings and in the next dialog box,
                  a.  change the server port to 587.
                  b.  click to select to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
                  c:  select Password for Authentication and  type in your username (without the
             and your email password.
Step 4:  Click on OK, click to close the Preferences and click to save the changes.

The first time you send an email, you will be asked to enter a password for  Click on the box to Remember the password.

In the next dialog box, you will get an alert about a certificate. Click on Show Certificate.

In the next dialog box, click on the picture of the certificate and drag it to your desktop.
Go to your Desktop and double-click on the icon named
This will open Keychain Access and a dialog box asking you to accept the
certificate. On the keychain drop-down menu, select "X509Anchors" and then

You will then be asked to enter your admin password. You are done!


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