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The Netscape/Mozilla/Thunderbird family of applications all share a similar email set up on both Mac and Windows platforms. Look at the illustrations carefully to compare them to your version. There may be slight variations in wording from what is described below, but the steps to take will be essentially the same.  This has been tested on Netscape 7.1 and above, Mozilla 1.7, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird 1.0 and above.

Note: Thunderbird 1.5 is the prefered mail client in this family of applications.

Step 1:  Locate the Tools (or Edit for Netscape and SeaMonkey) drop down menu on
             your Email client, and select Account Settings...
Step 2: On the left hand side of the window that will appear locate and click on Outgoing Server (SMTP)
Step 3:  Select and the click on the Edit... button.
Step 4:  In the new SMTP server wondow that appears do the following:
               a. Change the port number from 25 to 587
               b. Click on the check box labeled Use name and password and enter your
                   Email/LDAP username
(just the account name, do not include "
               c. Select TLS (some older versions of Netscape may only offer SSL as an option so
                   select that).
Step 5:  Click OK (twice) to accept and complete changes and then restart your mail client.

The first time you try to send a mail message you will be asked to accept a certificate.  Respond with Accept  the certificate permanently  and this will not appear again.

You will then be asked to enter your password.  This is your standard WHOI Email password.  You will be promted for this once after each restart of your Email client.   It is not recommended that you tell the client to remember this password unless you are sure that no other person can access your computer.  In particular it is not good to permanently remember passwords on a laptop computer.


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