Suggested Sampling Supplies

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» Filtering Protocol
This gives a description of the proper technique for filtering nutrient samples.

Item Catalog Number Capacity
Nutrient Containers Fisher ct# 03-337-24B ~ $100 / 500 containers (Need to be acid washed with 10% HCL and triple rinsed with MilliQ water)
Syringes Fisher ct# 13-689-8 ~ $40/pack of 40
Bell Filter (0.2 micron) for nutrients Pall company
~$200 / 3 filters (good for multiple use, cruises, groundwater sampling, etc)
Filters (0.2 micron) for nutrients Fisher ct#
~ $150 / 50 filters (new filters should be flushed with 40-60mls of sample/Q water before collection of sample)
Ultra Clean Tin Discs for POC/N prep EA consumables
ct# D1066
~ $12 for a Pack of 100
Filters for POC/N Fisher ct#09-874-64 ~$100 / 100 filters (Need to be pre-combusted at 550 C before filtering). The size of filter is dependent upon your filtering apparatus.

Special Note:

1.  When collecting samples, please make sure to use polyethelyne bottles that have been properly cleaned.  If you need assistance please contact us with any questions.

2.  Please record sample number on bottle and also on the bottle top (if possible) with a permanent marker.  Label the sample batch with name of the project and last name of the person submitting the samples for analysis on the outside of the bag containing the samples.


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