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(photo from Seal Analytical)

(photo by Seal Analytical)

(photo by Seal Analytical)

A minimum sample charge is billed for batches less than 100 samples for nutrient analysis and 30 for solid phase carbon and nitrogen. Samples that are batched or that can be delayed in data delivery can avoid minimum sample charges.  If you have a smaller sample load, samples can be stored and batched with other projects until there are 100 samples for analysis to avoid the minimum sample charge.  A certified nutrient standard (NRC or RMNS) will be processed daily to ensure proper calibration.  The nutrient facility has participated in laboratory intercomparison exercises as recently as January 2015.

Analysis Preparation Cost Notes
Ammonium (NH4+) Filtered 0.22 micron $27/sample suite (standards included) Suite includes NH4+, NO2-+NO3-, SiO4-, and PO43-
Orthophosphate (PO43-) Filtered 0.22 micron    
Silicate Filtered 0.22 micron    
Nitrite + Nitrate (NO2-+NO3-) Filtered 0.22 micron    
Nitrite only (NO2-) Filtered 0.22 micron $13.50/sample  
Total Dissolved Nitrogen (TDN) Filtered 0.22 micron $27/sample Note: Needs minimum of five mls of sample for method.
Total Nitrogen (TN) Unfiltered $27/sample  
Particulate Organic Carbon/Nitrogen (PC/PN) Unfiltered $22/sample (standards not included) Standard suite of eight standards at beginning of the run and 2 standards / 10 samples.  User is responsible for sample preparation.

Note 1. A minimum of 10 mls of sample will be needed to run the nutrient suite for use of standard additions and duplicates.
Note 2. Rush Samples can be arranged at additional charge.
Note 3. Non-WHOI Research Customers a fee is assessed dependent upon the funding source (determined by grants and contracts).
Note 4. Field Blanks to be provided by facility user for both nutrient and solid phase carbon and nitrogen samples.


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