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The GENESIS Earth Systems Model is an atmospheric general circulation model - abbreviated "AGCM" or "atmospheric GCM." Further, it is a "slab ocean GCM" or "uncoupled AGCM" because, in the configuration of the model used in this project, the model lacks a fully resolved, dynamical ocean component. This is in contrast to a "fully coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM or "coupled model."

GENESIS is an acronym that stands for Global ENvironmental and Ecological Simulation of Interactive Systems.

For details about GENESIS, go here.

Contact Dr. David Pollard at if you have specific questions about the model and its availability for research.

Dave Pollard coauthored the original model, along with Starley Thompson, at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Dave (now at PSU's Earth System Science Center) continues to improve the model, recently upgrading the radiation code to that of CCM3, adding isotopic tracers in the model hydrologic cycle (with Renard Mathieu) and, currently, coupling the AGCM to the MOM3 ocean model.


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