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Falmouth High School and Falmouth Academy students carrying out research on Indonesian oceanography during the 1-week pilot summer climate internship, funded by WHOI's Ocean and Climate Change Institute and hosted by Falmouth Academy.

Scroll down to read about my activites with Post-doctoral scientists, Undergraduate students, and High School students.

MIT/WHOI Joint Program:

I am co-advising pre-generals student Alice Alpert.  Alice is exploring a variety of geochemical tools to extract information on past changes in the tropical Pacific.

I have had the privilege and pleasure to advise or co-advise these Joint Program Students:

Gibbons, Fern: The Decadal, Centennial and Millenial Variability of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool (Delia Oppo, Advisor) Ph. D. 2012 (Knauss Post-doctoral Fellowship, next National Conservancy, now Congressional Staffer, Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee)

Saenger, Casey: Low-latitude western North Atlantic variability during hte last millennium: Insights from coral records, sediment based records, and climate simulations (Anne Cohen, Delia Oppo, Advisors). Ph. D. 2009 (Post-doc at Yale U. Now at U Washington).
Came, Rosemarie: Abrupt Climate Change in the Atlantic Ocean During the Last 20,000 Years: Insights from Multi-element Analyses of Benthic and Planktic Foraminifera and a Coupled OAGCM (Delia Oppo, Advisor) Ph. D. 2005 (Now at University of New Hampshire)

Dahl, Kristina: Tropical Climate Variability from the Last Glacial Maximum to the Present
(Delia Oppo, Advisor) Ph. D. 2005 (Post-doc Scripps)

Makou, Matthew : Geochemical Tools and Paleoclimate Clues: Multi-Molecular and      Isotopic Investigations of Tropical Marine Sediments and Alpine Ice (Timothy Eglinton, Delia Oppo, Advisors)    Ph. D. 2006 (Post-doc Byrd Polar Institute, Ohio at U. of Lyons)

Marchitto, Thomas: Zinc and Cadmium in Benthic Foraminifera as Tracers of Ocean Paleochemistry (William Curry and Delia Oppo, Advisors) Ph D. 1999 (Post-doc LDEO; Now at U. Colorado, Boulder)

I have also hosted foreign students and participate in the committees of several non- MIT/WHOI students. 

For over a decade, I have co-lead a reading seminar on Topics in Paleoceanography with my colleague Olivier Marchal.  

Postdoctoral Fellows and Investigators:

I feel fortunate to have sponsored many postdoctoral scientists.
Most recently:

Jennifer Arbuszewski, who is working on reconstructing past oceanographic changes in the tropical Pacific, using organic and inorganic proxies.....stay tuned on pubs.
Kuo-Fang "Denner" Huang, who is made all kinds of geochemical analyses on water and sediment samples from our Demerara Rise cruise, and is now at Academica Sinica in Taiwan.
Nathalie Dubois, who measured leaf wax isotopes as tracers of water isotopes and vegetation, and has begun a permanent position at EAWAG in Switzerland. Manuscripts on her WHOI work are on the way.
David Thornalley, who is working on reconstructing past changes in the Atlantic Ocean on a variety of time scales,  now at Univ. College London.

Jerry McManus, 1997; Brenda Hall; 1999; Sarah Das, 2002; William Thompson, 2004; Youbin Sun, 2004; Anders Carlson, 2006

I have also enjoyed my interactions and collaborations with other post-doctoral scientists in the paleo-group, e.g Heather Benway and Joanne Muller.

Happy to report that Joanne Muller is now faculty at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Summer Student Fellows, Guest Students, and High School Students are often involved in my projects. Several summer students have enrolled in the MIT/WHOI joint program after a positive summer experience.

In the summer of 2009, Allison Jacobel, from Macalester College, worked with Dr. Tim Eglinton and I. Check out her website.

In the winter of 2010, Jordan Landers, a Williams College graduate, joined our sediment coring cruise to the Demerara Rise. She took lots of photos and maintained a blog. Thank you Jordan!

In 2010, Bill Curry and I sponsored Summer Student Fellow Sara Sanchez, who worked with us on tropical climate and oceanography.

 Andrew Gorin (Middlebury) who worked on Indonesian climate.

2015 Yuxin Sun (U. Southern Cal.) presented his results on the Suess effect recorded in forams at Ocean Sciences.

High School Students

I often have opportunities for area high school students to work in the lab.

I often mentor Science Fair projects for Falmouth area high school students. In 2010, one of the students earned a first place at the MIT State Fair, one a third place, and the rest earned honorable mentions. Wow!  I am so proud of all of them for what they learned and accomplished.  Since then, I have provided material for several successful projects each year.

Climate Summer Internship Program

In Summer 2009, WHOI's Ocean and Climate Change Institute funded a one-week internship for area high school students.  My colleague and former WHOI post-doc, Dr. Joanne Muller and I developed a program to give area high school students from Falmouth High School and Falmouth Academy the opportunity to generate data directly relevant to our ongoing work on reconstructing oceanographic conditions in the Indonesian Seas.  The space and microscopes for the program were provided by Famouth Academy.  In Summer 2010, a different set of students generated data relevant to our efforts to understand mechanisms of North Atlantic circulation change. 

In 2012, post-doc Jenny Arbuszewski and I ran the internship - back in the tropics (this time the eastern equatorial Pacific). Jenny did the lion's share of the work:


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