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Seafloor Samples Laboratory
The Seafloor Samples Laboratory collection contains more than 14,000 archived marine geological samples that have been carefully recovered from the seabed. The inventory includes long, stratified sediment cores, rock dredges, surface grabs and samples collected by DSRV Alvin.

National Ocean Sciences Accelerator Mass Spectrometer Facility (NOSAMS)
NOSAMS supports research not just for the ocean sciences, but for all studies of global change. Any carbon-bearing material has the potential to be AMS analyzed and our facility has an on site Sample Preparatory Laboratory (SPL) capable of treating a large variety of materials containing carbon.

Paleo Mass Spectrometer
The Finnigan mass spectrometer system is utilized for the analysis of calcium carbonate samples. Samples are run for paleoceanographic and environmental research carried out by members of Geology and Geophysics, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry, and the Biology Departments, as well as the broader paleoceanographic community.

WHOI Plasma Mass Spectrometry Facility
The WHOI Plasma Mass Spectrometry (or ICP) Facility is a laboratory for trace metal and isotope ratio measurements operated under the auspices of WHOI's Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department. However, many members of the G&G Paleoceanography and Climate group utilize these instruments for their research.

 Organic Mass Spectrometry Facility
The Organic Mass Spectrometry Facility provides specialized, state-of-the-art analytical services using instruments which would be prohibitively expensive for any single investigator to develop, operate and maintain. This facility primarily serves members of the WHOI Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry, but is available to all investigators at the Institution and, as time and resources permit, to other researchers outside of the Woods Hole community.

Northeast National Ion Microprobe Facility (NENIMF)
The NENIMF members themselves cover a broad range of geochemical research - from solar/presolar materials and processes, early Earth evolution, mantle dynamics, and crustal processes and evolution to environmental monitoring and experimental geochemistry.

U-Series Lab


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