Mesoscale Eddy - Internal Wave Coupling

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» Kurt L. Polzin, 2010.
Mesoscale Eddy - Internal Wave Coupling. II. Energetics and Results from PolyMode Journal of Physical Oceanography, 40, 789-801.

» Kurt L. Polzin, 2008.
Mesoscale Eddy - Internal Wave Coupling. I
Symmetry, Wave Capture and Results from the Mid-Ocean Dynamics Experiment. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 38(11), 2556-2574.

» Kurt L. Polzin, October 2005 Preprint
Subinertial Finestructure on the Continental Slope/Rise Transition

» Kurt L. Polzin, in revision.
Mesoscale Eddy - Internal Wave Coupling. III. The End of the Enstrophy Cascade and Implications for the Fast Manifold - Slow Manifold Debate


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