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Zhixuan Feng

Zhixuan Feng

Postdoctoral Investigator


Office Phone: +1 508 289 3780

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WHOI Mailing Address:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

266 Woods Hole Rd.

MS# 33

Woods Hole, MA 02543-1050


University of Miami, Ph.D. in Applied Marine Physics, 2014 

Louisiana State University, Master of Science in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, 2009

Nanjing University, Bachelor of Science in Geography, 2007 

Research Interests

Coastal hydrodynamics;
Beach water quality;
Nearshore processes;
Estuarine processes;
Bio-physical interaction;
Arctic ecosystem.


  • Feng Z., A. Reniers, B.K Haus, H.M. Solo-Gabriele, J.D. Wang, and L.E. Fleming, 2015. A predictive model for microbial counts on beaches where intertidal sand is the primary source, Marine Pollution Bulletin, accepted.
  • Phillips, M.C., Z. Feng, L.J., Vogel, A.J.H.M. Reniers, B.K. Haus, A.A. Enns, Y. Zhang, D.B. Hernandez, and H.M. Solo-Gabriele, 2014. Microbial release from seeded beach sediments during wave conditions, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 79, 114-122.
  • Hernandez, R.J., Y. Hernandez, N.H. Jimenez, A.M. Piggot, J.S. Klaus, Z. Feng, A. Reniers, and H.M. Solo-Gabriele, 2014. Effect of full-scale beach renovation on fecal indicator levels in shoreline sand and water, Water Research, 48, 579-591.
  • Feng, Z., A. Reniers, B.K. Haus, and H.M. Solo-Gabriele, 2013. Modeling sediment-related enterococci loading, transport and inactivation at an embayed non-point source subtropical beach. Water Resources Research, 49, 693-712, doi:10.1029/2012WR012432.
  • Fiorentino, L.A., M.J. Olascoaga, A. Reniers, Z. Feng, F.J. Beron-Vera, and J.H. MacMahan, 2012. Using Lagrangian coherent structures to understand coastal water quality, Continental Shelf Research, 47, 145-149.
  • Enns, A.A., L.J. Vogel, A.M. Abdelzaher, H.M. Solo-Gabriele, L.R.W. Plano, M.L. Gidley, M.C. Phillips, J.S. Klaus, A.M. Piggot, Z. Feng, A.J.H.M. Reniers, B.K. Haus, S.M. Elmir, Y. Zhang, N.H. Jimenez, N. Abdel-Mottaleb, M.E. Schoor, A. Brown, S.Q. Khan, A.S. Dameron, N.C. Salazar, and L.E. Fleming, 2012. Spatial and temporal variation in indicator microbe sampling is Influential in beach management decisions, Water Research, 46, 2237-2246.
  • Feng, Z., and C. Li, 2010. Cold-front-induced flushing of the Louisiana bays. Journal of Marine Systems, 82, 252-264.
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