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Kevin Ulmer

Kevin Ulmer

Guest Investigator

Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

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Ph.D. - Biological Oceanography (1978)
MIT/WHOI Joint Program

B.A. - Physics & Biology (1972)
Williams College

Research Interests

  • Autonomous Transient Ocean Event Monitoring (ATOEM)
  • Autonomous docking of AUVs
  • Control and coordination of "swarms" of AUVs
  • Autonomous Scientific Discovery
  • The "Biological Pump" and carbon flux in the oceans
  • Ocean Fertilization
  • Autonomous biogeochemical sampling & profiling instrumentation
  • Effects of anthropogenic climate change on the oceans

Research Statement

My research is focused on the transport and transformation of carbon in the oceans by the "biological pump", including changes driven by anthropogenic climate change and the potential for carbon sequestration in the deep ocean by controlled fertilization. The development of a novel, autonomous, diesel-electric submarine "mothership" capable of automated deployment, recovery and servicing of a fleet of smaller AUVs is the critical platform needed to advance this research.


  • Genomics & proteomics
  • DNA sequencing technology
  • Single-molecule methods
  • Microfluidics
  • Ultrasensitive optical measurements
  • Laboratory method automation