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David B. Taylor

David B. Taylor

Guest Investigator


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WHOI Mailing Address:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

266 Woods Hole Rd.

MS# 50

Woods Hole, MA 02543-1050


BS chemistry Lycoming College: MEd science curriculum Lesley College

Research Interests

The location and shapes of cetacean pelvic remnants.

Research Statement

I have participated in the necropsies of over fifty large whales and over one hundred porpoise and dolphins. In addition I have visited several museums and universities with whale collections to photograph the pelvic bones of various cetaceans.

Personal Statement

I am a retired high school science teacher who involved students in whale necropsies for many years. I collect, photograph and catalog the pelvic remnants of a wide variety of cetaceans. Some of these photographs can be seen on the WHOI web site at


Disarticulating cetaceans of all sizes. Locating and extracting pelvic remnants. Making molds and casting small bones. Digital photography.


American Society of Mammalogists: National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association


High School Leadership Award - Clarkson University: Inspirational Teacher Award - Amherst College: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Environmental Affairs award for the Endangered Species and Marine Mammal Program