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Peter Tyack

Peter Tyack

Scientist Emeritus


Fax: +1 508 457 2041

WHOI Mailing Address:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

266 Woods Hole Rd.

MS# 50

Woods Hole, MA 02543-1050

Other WHOI Addresses:

Lab: Marine Research Facility 232 (MS# 50)

Lab: Marine Research Facility 234 (MS# 50)

Lab: Marine Research Facility 236 (MS# 50)

Lab: Marine Research Facility 238 (MS# 50)


A.B. Harvard University, 1976, Biology
Ph.D. Rockefeller University, 1982,
Animal Behavior

Research Interests

Social behavior and acoustic communication in cetaceans; vocal learning and mimicry in the natural communication systems of cetaceans; individually distinctive signature signals, vocal learning, and mimicry in the bottlenose dolphin and the sperm whale; acoustic structure and social functions of the songs of baleen whales; responses of cetaceans to human noise; playback to cetaceans of their own and conspecific vocalizations; development of methods to identify which cetacean produces a sound within a social group of conspecifics.