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Alexis Fischer

Alexis Fischer

Guest Investigator


Biological Oceanography

Office Phone: +1 508 289 2276

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WHOI Mailing Address:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

266 Woods Hole Rd.

MS# 32

Woods Hole, MA 02543-1050


Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Oceanography, Cambridge/Woods Hole, MA

Ph.D. (expected 2016) Biological Oceanography

Advisor: Dr. Don Anderson


Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA

B.A. in Biological Sciences 2010

Research Interests

Phytoplankton physiological ecology; red tides and other bloom phenomena; dinoflagellate resting cysts; circannual rhythms; dinoflagellate transcriptomics; biological sensors

Research Statement

Thesis:  Alexandrium fundyense cysts in the Nauset Marsh System: Factors controlling germination and bloom initiation in a changing climate