Request for Payment

When to Use Request for Payment

The Institution recommends that you use the request for payment method when purchasing items less than $10,000.

Request for Payment Form

The Request for Payment form is used to pay individuals and includes expense reimbursement, personal service payments (non-WHOI employees), subscription renewals, to vendors and includes invoice, or other payments not related to purchase orders.  This form is not to be used for travel reimbursement or prepaid purchase orders.


Checks are prepared weekly on Friday.  Requests for Payment must be in the Procurement Office on the day prior to the next check issuing day.

Checks will be ready for pickup after 10:00 a.m.


  • A Social Security number and address are required for all requests for personal services. (For WHOI employees, reimbursement for personal services must fo to payroll.)
  • Supporting documentation is a must.  If it is not included payment may be delayed.  Original receipts are required, not photocopies.
  • Checks requiring enclosures (applicaitons, letters, forms, etc) must have two copies of the backup information attached to the request for payment form.
  • Please indicate any special handling instructions in the box provided
  • If there is more than one payee, complete a separate Request for Payment form for each payee.
  • No request for payment will be processed without the required signatures. (i.e. Department Chair, Principal Investigator, Department Administrator, Manager or person who is directly responsible for the project account).  No one may authorize payment or reimbursement to themselves.
  • Cash payments are made only for reimbursements with appropriate receipts and to a maximum of $100.00.  The complete form should be signed, when the cash is received, in the presence of the cashier.

Last updated: November 22, 2011