Travel Hints & Ways to Save


  • Book in advance (7, 14, 21 day non-refundable fares are the least expensive)
  • Check with Carlson Wagonlit Travel about special travel days (i.e. traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • NOTE: applies in certain markets only and days may differ.
  • Non-refundable and penalty airfares have fees involved to change return flights: approx. $75.00 per change.
  • Connecting flights, night flights and off-peak time flights can offer lower fares.
  • Senior Citizen fares and Booklets for those 62 and older a 10% discount can be obtained on most fares for the traveler and a companion. Senior Coupon Booklets are offered also for approximately $596.00 for a booklet of 4 coupons. Call Carlson Wagonlit Travel for all details.
  • When traveling abroad remember to use US carriers and non-refundable and penalty fares. Check with Carlson Wagonlit Travel for all restrictions.
  • There are several ways to get to the airport and several places to park your personal car.
    » Learn more about public transportation and parking rates.
  • Each airlines charges different fees for services.
    » View a list of Airline Fees for Services

Travel Profile

It is very important that you keep your Profile updated with any new information such as Frequent Flyer numbers, credit card numbers, seat preference, meal preference, hotel membership numbers, car rental membership numbers, if you're eligible for senior discounts, etc. This way the agents at Carlson Wagonlit Travel can confirm your preferences.

Visa Information

Use the link below to help you with your Visa application. Click on a country and you will be instructed on Visa options, how to complete the application, what documentation is needed, and where to send your application and passport.
» CIBT: The Global Visa and Passport Professionals

Carry on Luggage

Please be aware that the airlines are very strict with carry on baggage. You are allowed 1 bag per person with total dimensions not to exceed 45". This bag must fix under the seat. Some airlines are checking this by having your carry on placed in a cardboard box. If the bag does not fit then you will have to stand in line and check it in. Carlson Wagonlit Travel will be happy to check the specifics of the carrier you are flying on.

Lithium Batteries NOT allowed in CHECKED baggage

Effective January 1, 2008, you may NOT pack spare Lithium Batteries in your CHECKED baggage. You MAY pack spare Lithium Batteries in your Carry-On baggage. There is generally no restriction on the number of spare batteries allowed in carry-on baggage. This is the case for cell phone batteries, "hearing aid" button cells, and AA batteries/AAA batteries available in retail stores, as well as almost all standard laptop computer batteries.
» Please view more information at TSA's Safe Travel with Batteries and Devices web page

Fly America Act (Use of U.S. Carriers)

Read about the Fly America Act, federal regulation that requires the use of U.S. carriers for travel that will be reimbursed from federal grants and contracts.
» View Website

Clear - Fly through airport security

Clear is the fast pass through airport security. Clear members are pre-screened and provided a high-tech card which allows them to access designated airport security fast lanes nationwide. Clear members pass through airport security faster, with more predictability and less hassle.
» View Power Point Presentation about Clear
» View Clear Website

Using BWI as an Alternative to National Airport

Southwest flies to Baltimore (BWI) from Providence. The airfare can range from $84-139 roundtrip. Airfare into National Airport is $568.50 approximately. There is train, bus, and cab service from BWI to downtown Washington. Travel time takes between 20-30 minutes approximately. Cab fare runs about $65.00 and the train is about $5-10 each way. Carlson Wagonlit Travel can work out all the cost savings for you.

Meeting & Planning

If you know you’re having a meeting call the Meeting and Planning Department at Carlson Wagonlit Travel. It is best to call immediately with dates of the meeting, how many attendees, what equipment you may need such as audio/visual, ground transportation, etc. Carlson Wagonlit Travel can get you the best prices for your meeting. Carlson Wagonlit will even go on-site for an inspection and can also provide an escort to help with any last minute flight changes, make sure all is ready at the hotel, etc. (Note: There may possibly be a fee attached for the escort service.)

Amtrak and Other Train Reservations

Carlson Wagonlit Travel will be glad to make your Amtrak train reservations as well as reservations on trains in International countries. Remember that some train fares have penalties, reservation fees, reserved seat fees, and handling fees, cancellation fees. Cancellation fees and some other fees are non-refundable.

Buses and Shared Rides

Remember that car rentals are expensive. Some good alternatives are shared rides and the Bonanza Bus. You may look up the Bonanza Bus schedule on the Web.

Car Rentals

  • WHOI has special corporate one-way rates from Falmouth to Boston and return. Also between Providence and Falmouth and return with Budget and National. It is recommended you use your WHOI corporate card for all WHOI business related car rentals.
  • When renting a car outside of the state, Leisure Rates are usually less expensive than corporate rates. You can use whichever car company has the best rate for your needs.
  • NOTE: Remember that in some cities the car companies have airport fees/surcharges. (i.e. Boston has a convention center fee of $10.30 per rental plus an airport surcharge fee. Florida has a $2.05 per day state surcharge for all rentals.
  • Also check for Frequent Flyer rates, Senior Citizen rates, Triple A (AAA) rates and AARP rates.
  • Car companies also offer specials throughout the year and in certain markets. Please have your Carlson Wagonlit Travel agent check for you.


  • All WHOI travelers are eligible for Corporate Rates at all hotels. Carlson Wagonlit Travel belongs to a consortium (Thor24) that has corporate rates and block space at specific hotels in specific cities in the US and some International cities.
  • NOTE: Sometimes corporate rates are not the least expensive rate available at the hotel. Preferred Travel will always confirm the lowest possible rate with the amenities that you prefer . For instance Holiday Inn offers "Great Rates" at certain locations and times of the year.
  • There are also discounts for Triple A members (AAA), AARP members (55 and over), Senior Citizen rates, (62 and over). Please let your Carlson Wagonlit Travel agent know if you qualify for any of the above discounts.
  • There are also Frequent Flyer discounts. Most programs send you the coupons for a free night, a 50% off of 1 night with a 2 night minimum stay and such. Please let your travel agent know of any coupons you may have.

Last updated: April 25, 2011