Below is a list of preferred providers of various oceanographic goods and services.


Teledyne RD Instruments

From the shallowest stream to the deepest ocean...from a tiny raft to a towering offshore platform ...Teledyne RD Instruments has an acoustic Doppler product ideally suited for your unique current profiling, waves measurement or precision navigation application.

Sontek/YSI, Inc.

Founded in 1992 on the premise that precision water velocity measurement should be practical, affordable, and easy, SonTek/YSI today offers the widest variety of acoustic Doppler instrumentation on earth.


Current and wave measurements in the ocean, lake, river and laboratory

AADI Aanderaa Data Instruments

Aanderaa Data Instruments develops, manufactures and markets data collecting instruments in different key areas with different brands.

Acoustic Releases & Transponders


EdgeTech provides highly reliable, state-of-the-art instruments, which allow their customers to complete their tasks with one of the highest success rates in the industry. Out of their three facilities in Massachusetts and Florida, EdgeTech designs, produces and markets products in two divisions: marine and moisture instruments.

Teledyne Benthos

Teledyne Benthos is a leading provider of high technology products and integrated systems that are used for measurement, inspection, data collection and communication in remote and challenging marine environments.


Falmouth Scientific, Inc.

Falmouth Scientific, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of equipment and techniques to measure various physical properties of water and its surroundings.

Sea-Bird Electronis, Inc.

Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc is the largest manufacturer of marine instruments for measurement of salinity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, and related oceanographic variables.


Seascan, Inc.

Manufacturer of oceanographic equipment.


WET Labs

At WET Labs, we're dedicated to developing and manufacturing underwater instrumentation to detect vital biological, chemical and geological parameters and processes of the earth's oceans, lakes and streams.



At IXSEA, we combine smart technology and experience to provide our scientific, offshore, defense and space customers with a range of innovative systems and solutions to meet their individual navigation, positioning, imagery, moorings and survey requirements.