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Personal AT&T cell phone discount

AT&T is Procurement’s recommended Cell Phone Service supplier. AT&T provides WHOI with competitive rates, and dedicated customer service representation. AT&T also extends courtesy rates to employees for personal use (see below), and has the ability to do Summary Billing on an as needed basis. 

Ordering Cellular Phones, Service, and Setting Up an Account

To Select Your Phone and Rate Plan
go to
“Rate Plans”
Enter 02543 in "zip code"

Contact AT&T for WHOI discount plans and special offers not on website (we refer callers directly to the cell phone carriers, as plans/offers change frequently). 

AT&T Contract Term: All WHOI Cingular plans are to be for a one (1) year term. Additionally, during the contract year your account plan can be adjusted to account for anticipated variance in monthly minute usage.This must be done in advance and is not retroactive.The one year term and ability to change plans during the year without signing a new contract for an additional year or two starting at the date of the change is a significant difference from typical consumer type plans. 

In same web page, click on "phones" for phone options; there are often a choice of models on sale. Note: phones are purchased outright at time of sign-up; replacement phones may be purchased at any time, but replacement models cannot be credited with “trade-ins” of old models. Old models are discarded. 

Once your selections have been made, please email the following to and cc: the person with budget authorization.This will serve as approval to place order as follows:


(see “Billing Options” below) Summary Bill or Department (if choosing “Department”, please provide Contact Person name & Mail Stop).

**Please note that AT&T requires a credit card # to charge your phone and accessories to.

These charges cannot be paid via alternate means, as per AT&T. The AT&T Representative will contact you at your WHOI phone # for your credit card info. Phone service only will be charged directly to the Project/Cost Center # provided. Callers must notify Procurement immediately if there is a change in Project/Cost Center #. Changes are effective as of the date Procurement is contacted.**

An order acknowledgement will be emailed to you from Procurement upon order confirmation from AT&T. 

Billing Options
All WHOI Institutional cellular phone service may be billed on the Institution’s Summary Bill (see below) or directly to your Department for cost center or project account assignment (with the exceptions of phones and accessories as previously noted). 

Summary Bill
Procurement receives a monthly Summary Bill; an all inclusive bill reflecting the majority of cell phone activity for the Institution. Cellular phones on this bill will automatically be charged, on a monthly basis, to the cost center(s) or project(s) indicated at order entry (no action required by the employee). *There is a limitation of two cost center(s) or project(s) per cellular phone to be reflected on the Summary Bill. 

*More than Two Projects and/or Cost Centers
In the event that your cellular phone charges are to be continuously charged to different cost centers/projects or more than two accounts, the bill will be sent directly to your Department address. These charges are processed through separate accounts from the Summary Bill, and therefore will appear on a separate bill. When you receive your bill, you will be required to assign the cost center(s) or project(s) to be charged, dollar or percent allocations to each on the bill, and forward it to the Procurement Department for processing @ MS #1.

Service Agreement
AT&T will send a Service Agreement for your specific service to Procurement for signature. Procurement will sign and initiate the agreement, keep a copy for file, and send a copy to both you and AT&T. 

Fraudulent Phone Charges
When fraudulent charges are brought to the attention of Procurement, the following procedures will ensue:

Procurement will contact the carrier to determine which employee placed the order.

If identified by carrier:

Procurement will contact the employee, Dept Admin, and carrier regarding the unauthorized transaction.

Approval for the transaction will be acquired from the Dept Admin. 

The resolution will be provided to Suzanne Bolton. The employee, the Dept Admin, and the Carrier will be cc:d with acknowledgement. 

If not identified by carrier:

Procurement will call the fraudulent account phone # to determine employee originating order. 

If unidentifiable by calling phone:

Procurement will email all Sub Account Managers in inquiry. The Sub Account Managers

Will be asked to reply within 24 hours, or phone will be shut off, and account terminated. 

If identification cannot be made:

The phone is shut off, and account terminated with Carrier. Procurement will ensure that WHOI is credited for charges incurred.

Account may be reinstated by emailing and must cc: Dept Admin. by way of authorization. Note that account termination may permanently cancel the phone #, and that a new account set up may be necessary.

Procurement Contact Information

Veta Green
Phone: (508) 289-2376
Email: Assists with: phone, accessory & service order processing, as well as issues not adequately addressed by AT&T or Procurement Billing Contact.

Paula Ainsworth
Phone: (508) 289-2371
Assists with: Billing questions including allocation and processing of charges to cost center(s) or project(s), questions regarding your bill not adequately addressed by AT&T Contacts.

Last updated: December 9, 2013