Paying for Purchase Card Transactions

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Once the vendor has accepted your chargecard for payment, Paymentech is notified of the transaction. This process "usually" takes forty eight to seventy two hours but some vendors may not process their card transactions for a week or so. Paymentech will notify you that the transaction is ready for viewing in the WHOI/Paymentech web site via e-mail. This site will be used to process payment information to the Accounts Payable Office. Detailed instructions of how to use this site are available from the Accounts Payable Office.

WHOI is using "bag receipting" for the tracking of invoices, packing slips and receipts associated with purchasing card transactions. When you are issued your card, you will be provided with pre-printed receipt envelopes. You will use these envelopes in conjunction with the web site.

When entering payment information into the system, simply put all the associated documents with the purchases you are approving for payment into one of these envelopes. Each transaction you wish to process requires the "tracking number" located on the envelope you are using for this payment session. This information will be used by Accounts Payable to track the hard copy documents associated with the payment of goods and services. The envelope and the documents contained in it must reach the Accounts Payable office before payment can be made.

Once you have completed assigning accounting information to the transaction, your Department Administrator or their designate can now review the transaction and approve it for payment. Periodically, the Accounts Payable Office will process those transactions that have been approved for payment.

All transactions made on the purchasing card must be processed within 20 days of their notification date.

Last updated: February 12, 2016