Getting Started and Using the Card

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Getting Started
There are three easy steps to complete before participating in the Purchasing Card program.
  1. Receive approval from Department Administrator for your host department. This person will notify the Accounts Payable Office of which accounts you are to have access to and set up the perimeters for your card.
  2. Complete and forward to the Accounts Payable Office (MS #1) a cardholder application.
  3. Attend a training session provided by the Accounts Payable Office.
Once these steps have been completed, you will be issued a WHOI Purchasing Card. You must pick up this card, in person, from the Accounts Payable Office (Geosecs Building).

Using the Card
  1. Decide what you need to buy.
  2. Contact the supplier from whom you wish to make the purchase either by phone, on line or in person. Remind the supplier of WHOI’s Tax Exempt status.
  3. Give the supplier your Purchasing Card number and expiration date.

Last updated: February 12, 2016