Procedures for Contracting for Professional Services


The Institution will in all cases comply with all Federal and State regulations and guidelines with regard to classification of individuals as "employees" or "independent contractors."

This Procurement procedure, Contracting for Professional Services, provides information regarding independent contractors. Should the determination be made that an individual does not qualify as an independent contractor, refer to the Institution's hiring procedures in the Personnel Practices and Procedures Manual and the Appointment and Promotion Procedures for the Scientific and Technical Staffs and Department Assistants.


The process for contracting for professional services is as follows:

A determination of status of proposed service provider is necessary and will be analyzed by WHOI based on the information obtained during the onboard process.

Procurement will notify you if the service provider is determined not to be an independent contractor. If desired you can refer to WHOI hiring practices to pursue employment of the service provider.

If the service provider is determined to be an independent contractor then the following documentation is required:

  1. A purchase requisition form completed by the requisitioner and appropriate approvals obtained.
  2. For all Independent Contractors and Contractors regardless of the total value, we request that you complete the following
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Classification Checklist A Form
  • Sole Source Justification form.

Please consider the target audience of this form is not likely to understand industry specific terms or, abbreviations.  Please be as comprehensive as possible about your selection.

  1. All contractors will be required to agree to the terms and conditions within the Independent Contractor / Contractor Contract and Procurement will be happy to take the lead on this.
  2. We will also need the Independent Contractor Exhibit A (S.O.W.) form filled out.  This form is critical in outlining the specifics of the contractors duties and, outlines expectations about the performance of their duties.  The Requisitioner needs to be a part of this to assure that those expectations are documented.

Upon reviewing the supporting documentation for appropriateness, Procurement will assign the contract for professional services a WHOI purchase order number.

Prior to the commencement of any service arrangement, a WHOI Purchase Order Number must be granted. Without a purchase order there is no contract, therefore the Institution holds no legal obligation to pay the supplier for any services rendered.

All forms can be foud at this link Contractor Forms

Last updated: August 20, 2015