Advance Request & Travel Authorization Form: Explanation & Help

This form serves a dual purpose as an advance request and authorization to travel.  It is recommended this form be completed for all overnight trips, but only required if there is a pre-payment involved. This form is also used to provide evidence you are on Institution authorized travel in case of an accident.
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This form is prepared by the traveller and must be properly approved and submitted to  Accounts Payable before cash advances and deposits will be issued or released. Approval must be obtained by the person with budgetary responsibility for the project(s) to be charged, and a Department Administrator/Chairperson/Center Director or Group Manager.

Itinerary of Travel

This information is necessary for budgetary and auditing purposes and therefore needs to be completed. If the form does not allow sufficient space for specific trip details, attach an additional sheet to the form.

Travel Advances

Cash advances for anticipated out-of-pocket expenses will be issued no earlier than one week prior to departure. The traveler must initial the section called Conditions of Travel and state the requested amount. The traveler's initials acknowledges responsibility to account to WHOI for the amount advanced and to repay the Institution for any unsubstantiated amounts. Advances will be made by a WHOI check. All travel advances will be limited to ***80*** percent of the minimum estimated expenses that the employee is expected to incur. Advances will not be granted to individuals who have any outstanding prior balances unless extenuating circumstances warrant the second advance.

Log #

The pre-printed Log# on the form will appear on the Financial Status Report (FSR) for all project charges associated with this trip (i.e. travel agencies, car rentals, prepaid expenses, expense vouchers).


For questions concerning travel advances (travelers cheques, registration fees, etc.), please contact Colleen Tuson at or (508) 289-3267.

Last updated: July 14, 2014