Electronics & Engineering Equipment

Welcome to WHOI's Index of Electronic Sources on the Web. You will find links to web sites of Distributors, Manufacturers, Search Engines for Electronic Parts, and General Information. Electronic’s mission is to procure goods and services and to sustain, foster and support the educational and research missions of the Institution. Electronic’s objective is to create value added services by providing a web site designed to aid the WHOI community in their search to find simple solutions for component sources and specifications to parts for Institution wide applications. We are committed to promoting diversity of vendors and open communication with persons internal and external to the Institution. Value added services provided by the Electronic Commodity Representative are research on parts, equipment and vendors. We provide working knowledge of policies and procedures. We assist in the development of request for proposals and quotations. Representatives utilize Bitech reporting for expediting and maintaining purchase orders.

Quick Searches and General Information

Links to web sites for researching and designing engineering applications as well as search engines for locating electronic parts and general electronics information.


A list of recommended broadline distributors that provide fair and reasonable pricing and services.


A condensed alphabetical list of electronic producers for parts specifications.