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2011 OCCI Projects

Seasonal Fluxes Across Submarine Ice Sheet Margins: A Pilot Study in West Greenland

Sarah Das, Geology & Geophysics
Hanu Singh, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Lee Freitag, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Al Plueddemann, Physical Oceanography
Fiamma Straneo, Physical Oceanography

Freshwater Discharge and Sediment Dispersal on the Alaskan Beaufort Shelf

David Ralston, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Rocky Geyer, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

2010 OCCI Projects

Arctic Warming and Destabilization of Gas Hydrates

Chris R. German, Geology & Geophysics
Richard Camilli, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Dana Yoerger, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

Transfer of terrestrial organic carbon in the Mackenzie River system

Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Valier Galy, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Zhaohui Wang, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Adam Soule, Geology & Geophysics
Tim Eglinton, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

Examining the Effects of Arctic Warming on Coastal Landforms and Estuarine Ecosystems

Jeffrey Donnelly, Geology & Geophysics
Joan Bernhard, Geology & Geophysics
Liviu Giosan, Geology & Geophysics
Andrew Ashton, Geology & Geophysics
Kris Karnauskas, Geology & Geophysics
Andrea Hawkes, Geology & Geophysics

2009 OCCI Projects

Observing Ice Sheet/Ocean Interactions in a Greenland Glacial Fjord

Fiammetta Straneo, Physical Oceanography
Ruth Curry, Physical Oceanography
Breck Owens, Physical Oceanography

2008 OCCI Projects

Cryoturbation Rates and Depths in Arctic Permafrost from Cosmogenic Nuclides

Mark Kurz, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Adam Soule, Geology & Geophysics
William Jenkins, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

2007 OCCI Projects

Testing a New Approach to Long-term Salinity Measurements

Ray Schmitt, Physical Oceanography
Robert Petitt, Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering

A Symposium on Ocean Iron Fertilization: Science and Policy Questions

Ken Buesseler, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Scott Doney, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Hauke Kite-Powell, Marine Policy Center

Mineral Weathering in the Arctic

Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Olivier Rouxel, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

2006 OCCI Projects

An Empirical Test of the Arctic Ocean Sedimentation Hypothesis

Steven J. Manganini, Geology & Geophysics
Richard A. Krishfield, Geology & Geophysics
Jeomshik Hwang, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry

2004 OCCI Projects

Three-dimensional Modeling of Th-230 and Pa-231 in the Ocean

Olivier Marchal, Geology and Geophysics
Roger Francois, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Buoyancy Budget of the North Atlantic

Ray Schmitt, Physical Oceanography
Ellyn Montgomery, Physical Oceanography

The Role of the Oceanic Thermal Skin as a Modifier of CO2 Uptake

Brian Ward, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering
James Edson, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Observing the Inflow of Pacific Water to the Arctic

Albert Plueddemann, Physical Oceanography
Chris von Alt, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department

Development of a Freshwater Flux Array off Southeast Greenland

Robert R. Dickson, Center for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, UK

Irminger Sea Meteorological Buoy

Robert Pickart, Physical Oceanography
George Tupper, Physical Oceanography