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County, State, and Federal Listings: A?I

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County, State, and Federal Listings: A—I

AmeriCorps-Cape Cod (Barnstable County)
Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce
Cape Cod Commission, Barnstable County
Cape Cod Conservation District
Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
Cape Cod National Seashore, National Park Service
Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence, New England (COSEE-NE)
Coastal Resources Committee
Dept. of Health & the Environment, Barnstable County
Division of Marine Fisheries, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Duke's County (Soil) Conservation District
Installation Restoration Program (IRP), Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE)

Barnstable County Resource Development Office/AmeriCorps-Cape Cod
Box 427, Superior Courthouse
Barnstable, MA 02630

PHONE: (508) 375-6869

FAX: (508) 375-0140



CONTACT: Darlene Johnson Morris, Resources Office, Barnstable County

HOURS: 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday

Barnstable County's AmeriCorps-Cape Cod program is committed to the preservation and protection of the natural resources of Cape Cod and to increasing environmental education for Cape Cod residents, school students, and tourists. Twenty-four trained adults serve for one year in this residential, environmentally-focused program providing hands-on services to Cape Cod towns, Barnstable County departments, the Cape Cod National Seashore, the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Program, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, private land trusts, and other established environmental and conservation organizations in the region. The program focuses on these areas: natural resource management, disaster preparedness and response, community outreach and education, and volunteer engagement.

PUBLICATIONS: No publications.

FEES: Call for information.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Call for information on efforts currently in place.

KEYWORDS: environmental education, Cape Cod, natural resources

Junction of Routes 6 and 132
5 Shootflying Hill Road
Centerville, MA 02632

PHONE: (508) 362-3225

FAX: (508) 362-3698



CONTACT: Wendy K. Northcross, CEO

HOURS: 8:30-5:00 Monday-Saturday

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is the focal point for economic activity on Cape Cod. The Chamber and its sister agencies run various technical assistance, worker training, and loan programs for entrepreneurs and new business start ups on the Cape and Islands. Committed to expanding the commercial tax base of Cape Cod and continuing diversification of the economy within the context of the unique environment of Cape Cod.


FEES: Membership organization.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Wastewater education campaign.

KEYWORDS: Aquaculture, Cape Cod, Educational Services, Fisheries, Sea Scallops.

3225 Main Street
P.O. Box 226
Barnstable, MA 02630

PHONE: (508) 362-3828

FAX: (508) 362-3136


WWW: (transportation information) (Cape Cod Groundwater Guardian Team)

Paul Niedzwiecki, Executive Director
John Lipman, Chief Planner/Deputy Director
Nancy Hossfeld, Communications Coordinator

HOURS: 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday

A 19-member regional land use planning and regulatory agency for Cape Cod which reviews developments of regional impact and proposals for Districts of Critical Planning Concern. The Commission also prepares and oversees implementation of a regional land use policy plan. Information and assistance is provided to all Cape Cod towns concerning land use and open space planning, coastal planning, economic development, water quality, groundwater protection, hazardous waste, waste management, affordable housing, and transportation planning. The agency maintains close contact with local conservation commissions, planning boards and boards of selectmen, and natural resources departments in the 15 towns on Cape Cod.

PUBLICATIONS: "Cape Cod Commission Reporter" (12/year, free); Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan; and a wide variety of technical reports.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Provides educational materials and technical assistance, demographic and economic information, legal and environmental information, and Geographic Information System mapping services to Cape Cod towns. Workshops, newsletters, outreach, speakers, and internships. Cape Cod Groundwater Guardian Team water education activities. Coordination for natural hazards mitigation and predisaster data on Cape Cod.

KEYWORDS: Coastal Management and Planning, Regulatory Enforcement and Information, Water and Natural Resources, Barnstable County, Economic Development, Affordable Housing, Transportation

Office: 270 Communication Way, Unit 5A, Independence Park, Hyannis, MA
Mailing: P.O. Box 678, Barnstable, MA 02630

PHONE: (508) 771-8757

FAX: (508) 771-6509


WWW: Not available.

Lee Davis, Chairperson
Lynne Dowdall, District Administrator

HOURS: 9-2 Mon, Tue, and Thu

A non-profit environmental conservation organization promoting soil conservation, soil erosion prevention, water quality. Works closely with many other agencies to provide current information regarding environmental conservation. Actively promotes environmental education in schools and groups. Actively involved with local agricultural entities, 4-H Club activities, and other on-the-land individuals and groups. Sponsors and organizes soils identification and conservation workshops, and other educational activities for local organizations, businesses, and town government agencies.

PUBLICATIONS: No publications.

OTHER INFORMATION: No charge for services. Contributions gratefully accepted.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Advises concerning environmental plantings for soil erosion control, wildlife and bird sanctuaries - both private and public, composting and biodegradable trash, exhibits and displays at local environmental happenings. Fund-raisers: Tree Seedling/Shrub/Flower Bulb sale in the spring; Flower Bulb Sale in the fall. Soil Tunnel available for school and community use, a mobile, interactive teaching tool for young children (grades 1-5).

KEY WORDS: Agriculture, Conservation, Educational Services For General Public, Erosion, Land Conservation, Marine Mammals, Public, Water Quality, Wetlands, Wildlife

P.O. Box 367
Barnstable, MA 02630

PHONE: (508) 362-2511, Ext. 585

FAX: (508) 362-4518



William D. Burt, Regional Marine Resources Specialist
William Clark, Director
Bill Walton, Aquaculture Specialist

HOURS: 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday

A nonprofit educational organization administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, UMASS Amherst, and Barnstable County. The Cooperative Extension is a local arm of the University, with staff and specialists working in marine resources, 4-H, and other areas. The 4-H mobile Marine Museum on Wheels ("Beachcomber") is a unique traveling educational exhibit. Other programs include environmental education, community improvement, household hazardous materials information, forestry, shellfisheries, aquaculture, and water quality. The Extension provides public education on marine resource issues and wildlife management, and information transfer to user groups.

PUBLICATIONS: "Planting and Maintaining Sustainable Landscapes" and "Beachcombers Guide to Cape Cod Beaches".

OTHER INFORMATION: Household Hazardous Materials Hotline; contact office for the Northeast Regional Aquaculture Center.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Advisory services, technical assistance, lectures, conferences, workshops, publications and university-based research services. Water quality and septic system informational bulletins and workshops, conservation lecture series, marine and wetland educational programs and workshops. Information and education programs for agriculture, aquaculture, and pesticides.

KEYWORDS: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Aquariums and Museums, Barnstable County, Biology, Birds, Coastal Management And Planning, Coastal Ponds, Commercial Fisheries, Conservation, Educational Services For General Public, Educational Services For Children, Educational Services At The University Level, Erosion, Land Conservation, Legislation, Marine Industry, Marine Research, Natural Habitats, Natural History, Public, Recreational Fisheries, Red Tide, Seafood, Shellfisheries, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Water Resources, Wetlands, Wildlife

99 Marconi Site Road
Wellfleet, MA 02667

PHONE: (508) 349-3785

FAX: (508) 349-9052



CONTACT: George Price, Jr., Superintendent

HOURS: Office: 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday

A 44,000 acre national seashore along a 40-mile section of land between Chatham and Provincetown featuring ocean beaches, dunes, salt marsh, woodland, freshwater ponds, trails for walking and biking, cultural features and historic structures. Salt Pond Visitor Center on Route 6 in Eastham and Province Lands Visitor Center on Race Point Road in Provincetown each contain exhibits, an audiovisual program, publications, information services, and spectacular views of seashore resources. Salt Pond is open year-round. Province Lands is open late-spring through mid-fall. Outdoor exhibits and self-guiding trails are found throughout the seashore.

PUBLICATIONS: A variety of free brochures are available through the visitor centers. Both visitor centers also feature Eastern National bookstores with a wide variety of publications and Cape Cod related items for sale.

OTHER INFORMATION: Fees for beach access are collected in summer and weekends in spring and fall.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Ranger-guided activities, such as walks, canoe trips, family programs, and historic home tours are offered daily in summer and periodically during the other seasons. Indoor and outdoor exhibits, nature trail for the blind, preservation of maritime history, popular education about geology, biology and anthropology through exhibits and publications. Library use by appointment.

KEYWORDS: Coastal Recreation, Conservation, Eastham, Educational Services For General Public, Land Conservation, Maritime History, Natural History, Orleans, Provincetown, Regulatory Enforcement and Information, Tourism, Truro, Wellfleet

COSEE-NE Headquarters
New England Aquarium
Central Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

PHONE: (617) 973-6566

FAX: (617) 973-0251



CONTACT: Pam DiBona, Manager

HOURS: Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

COSEE-NE is one of ten regional Centers of Ocean Sciences Education Excellence funded by The National Science Foundation’s Division of Ocean Sciences.

COSEE-NE seeks to strengthen the New England region's capacity to develop and provide high-quality ocean science education in both formal and informal settings by understanding the needs of, working with, and facilitating interactions among educators, researchers, and the public. Our long term goal is to strengthen understanding and appreciation of the oceans and their importance in audiences of all ages in both informal and formal education settings.

PUBLICATIONS: "NEwswave," quarterly electronic newsletter
(To subcribe:

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (building partnerships with institutions throughout the New England region that enable ocean scientists and educators to collaborate more effectively); Ocean Science Education Institutes (developing models for workshops, programs, and follow up strategies that enable researchers and educators to work together to define and achieve common goals); Telling Your Story (researching and facilitating methods for engaging scientists in ocean education); Ocean Literacy Initiatives (developing high-quality models for formal and informal education that convey key concepts in the ocean sciences).

KEYWORDS: ocean literacy; science education; professional development

3225 Main Street, Route 6A
Barnstable, MA 02630

PHONE: (508) 362-3828

FAX: (508) 362-3136



Steve Tucker

HOURS: 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday

The objectives of the Coastal Resources Committee (CRC) are to provide policy and technical advice to the Barnstable County Commissioners, Cape Cod Commission, Regional Office of Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, and the Massachusetts Bays Program on coastal resource management issues and to enhance communication linkages between the towns, county, and state regarding the region's coastal resources. As the Local Governance Committee of the Mass. Bays Program, the CRC facilitates the implementation of the Mass. Bays Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. The CRC also serves as the Community Council for the Cape Cod Watershed Initiative.

PUBLICATIONS: "Local Efforts at Controlling Coastal Pollution: A Report..."

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Sponsor/co-sponsor workshops; meetings (6 times/year) may feature guest speakers and are open to the public.

KEYWORDS: Acid Rain, Aquaculture, Barnstable County, Biology, Birds, Boating, Coastal Management And Planning, Coastal Ponds, Coastal Recreation, Commercial Fisheries, Educational Services For General Public, Erosion, Land Conservation, Marine Careers, Marine Research, Natural Habitats, Oil Spills, Ports And Harbors, Public, Recreational Fisheries, Red Tide, Regulatory Enforcement And Information, Safety Standards, Seafood, Shellfisheries, Sportfishing, Tourism, Underwater Research, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Water Resources, Wetlands, Wildlife

Superior Courthouse
P.O. Box 427
Barnstable, MA 02630

PHONE: (508) 375-6616

FAX: (508) 362-2603



CONTACT: George R. Heufelder, County Health Officer

HOURS: 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday

Responsible for assisting local boards of health in the enforcement of public health laws and to assist in the education and dissemination of information regarding surface and groundwater quality. The Department tests public and semi-public bathing beaches Cape-wide. The Department maintains a low interest loan program for eligible property owners in Barnstable County to upgrade failed septic systems to Title V standards.

PUBLICATIONS: Several publications have emerged out of the Department's work in the Buzzards Bay Project. Please call for details. The Department also publishes a semi-annual journal, Environment Cape Cod, a science-based management journal addressing environmental issues on Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

FEES: Not applicable.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Surface water quality; underground fuel storage tanks; hazardous materials; subsurface sewage; state-certified laboratory for bacteriological inorganic and organic chemical analysis.

KEYWORDS: Surface water quality; underground fuel storage tanks; hazardous materials; subsurface sewage

1213 Purchase Street
New Bedford, MA 02740

PHONE: (508) 990-2860

FAX: (508) 990-0449

E-MAIL: Not available.


CONTACT: J. Michael Hickey

HOURS: 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday

Focuses on marine fisheries and management.

PUBLICATIONS: Statistical bulletins; annual reports; technical reports

FEES: Not applicable.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Shellfish area classification; anadramous fish restoration; power plant investigations; sportfishing technical assistance; fisheries resource assessment; lobster research and assessment; conservation engineering

KEYWORDS: Aquaculture, Biology, Coastal Management and Planning, Coastal Ponds, Coastal Recreation, Commercial Fisheries, Conservation, Health, Lobster Fisheries, Marine Industry, Marine Research, Oil Spills, Ports and Harbors, Recreational Fisheries, Red Tide, Regulatory Enforcement and Information, Seafood, Shellfisheries, Sportfishing, Underwater Research, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Wetland

P.O. Box 111
West Tisbury, MA 02575

PHONE: (508) 645-9734

FAX: Not available.


WWW: Not available.

CONTACT: Russell Walton

HOURS: No office hours. Call for information.

Established under an enabling act during the dustbowl era, the Duke's County (Soil) Conservation District is a small group of volunteer members interested in the conservation of soil, water, and related resources (including shellfish, aquaculture, and agriculture). The District's primary purposes include facilitating and directing access to various Federal programs, mostly through USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service. The emphasis has shifted over the years from agriculture to water quality issues and environmental education.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Have supplied equipment for the Nature Conservancy's school outreach programs.

PUBLICATIONS: Contributor to the "Blue Pages," a primer on environmental issues as they relate to homeowner's activities.


KEYWORDS: Martha's Vineyard, West Tisbury, Conservation, Soil, Water, Aquaculture, Shellfish, Agriculture, Water Quality


322 East Inner Road
Otis ANG Base, MA 02542-5028

PHONE: (508) 968-4678, x2

FAX: (508) 968-4673



CONTACT: Doug Karson, Community Involvement Specialist

HOURS: 7:30-4:00 Mon-Fri

The IRP is the environmental cleanup program at the Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR) with the goal to investigate, identify and clean up hazardous waste conditions which exist due to past activities at the Superfund site. AFCEE assumed program management responsibility on May 1, 1996, and quickly established a strategic plan with a detailed schedule of milestones to address several areas of groundwater contamination (plumes) containing solvents or fuel additives associated with past practices at the base.

The IRP has accomplished most source area cleanup actions such as excavation and thermal treatment of soil at chemical or fuel spill sites; air sparging and vapor extraction of residual aircraft fuel which leaked from an underground pipeline near the base's northeast boundary; and removal of old drainage structures with remediation of the affected soils nearby. Most groundwater extraction, treatment, and reinjection systems are in place. Sixty-one of 80 source areas were formerly delisted from the Superfund list in 2007.

A major driving force in these cleanup efforts continues to be the active and involved community of the Upper Cape. The 2003 IRP Community Involvement Plan identifies the many ways in which the Air Force continues to achieve community-based decisions in the execution of the program. These include a community advisory group, the Plume Cleanup Team (PCT), which meets periodically in a public forum to advise the IRP team (AFCEE, contractors, and regulatory agencies) on technical and community involvement issues to achieve solutions that benefit from public representation.

PUBLICATIONS: A groundwater plume booklet and news releases are available to better acquaint interested members of the public with the various aspects of the program. Copies of documents for public comment are provided to each of the main libraries in Falmouth, Mashpee, Sandwich, and Bourne. Interested parties are encouraged to sign up for the IRP mailing list (see website or contact Doug Karson, above) to receive information updates about the program. The IRP website contains all of the referenced documents. There is also a link on the website to the Administrative Record that contains all decision-making documents for the project (reports, correspondence, agreements, etc.).

FEES: Documents are generally provided free of charge, but fees may be charged for reports if extra copies are not available.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Periodic public meeting of Plume Cleanup Team (PCT), comprised of members of the community, focusing on various issues or aspects of the IRP program. Other informational public meetings as needed. Public attendance is strongly encouraged. Special programs to encourage greater public awareness and participation in IRP activities include: tours of sites; annual briefings of Boards of Health and Selectmen in Falmouth, Mashpee, Bourne, and Sandwich; speakers available upon request.

KEYWORDS: Barnstable County, Biology, Cape Cod, Coastal Issues, Ecology, Environmental Issues, Falmouth, Fisheries, Geology, Ground Water, Hazardous waste, Volatile Organic Compounds, Soil Vapor Extraction, Extraction Treatment and Reinjection, Community Involvement, Cultural Resources, Superfund

Last updated: January 14, 2015

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