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Town of Yarmouth

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Private Organizations

Town of Yarmouth: Private Organizations

Cape Cod Center for Sustainability
Cape Cod Foundation (The)
Cape Cod Stranding Network
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Yarmouth Conservation Trust
ZooQuarium: Cape Cod Education Center

30 Main Street
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

PHONE: (508) 375-0969

FAX: Not available.


WWW: and

Allen Larson, President - 508-375-0969
Jeffrey Luce, Treasurer - 508-957-4502
David Willard, Clerk - 508-244-2227

HOURS: No office hours. Call or e-mail for information.

The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability works to sustain the quality of life on Cape Cod by integrating its economic development, its environmental resources, and its social welfare. The Cape Cod Center for Sustainability operates a program called CapeCorps that encourages volunteerism and is working to establish a volunteer center for the region.

PUBLICATIONS: "Cape Cod Sustainability Indicators Report - 2003" and "Cape Cod Sustainability Indicators Report - 1999"

OTHER INFORMATION: Call for additional information.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: The Center, in cooperation with other organizations, sponsors programs with groups working to define and implement sustainable development. Activities include developing and tracking sustainability indicators; educating the Cape community; studying and promoting environmentally compatible economic development; encouraging ecological tourism; and developing demonstration projects.

KEYWORDS: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Barnstable, Conservation, Education Services for General Public, Educational Services for Young Adults, Educational Services at the University Level, Energy, Engineering, Land Conservation, Marine Electronics, Regulatory Enforcement and Information, Tourism, Waste Disposal and Treatment, Water Quality, Yarmouth, Volunteerism, Volunteering

259 Willow Street
Yarmouthport, MA 02675

PHONE: (508) 790-3040 or (800) 947-2322

FAX: (508) 790-4069



CONTACTS: Elizabeth Gawron, Executive Director

HOURS; 9:00-5:00 Mon-Fri

The Foundation is a privately funded philanthropy whose broad mission includes endowment building for the citizens of Barnstable County, fostering collaborations/partnerships with diverse organizations, and supporting and facilitating the work of local non-profit organizations - for example, in the area of coastal/environmental issues.

PUBLICATIONS: "Columns" quarterly newsletter; "Report to the Community" annual report; general brochure; grant guidelines.

FEES: None

SPECIAL PROGRAM: The focus for the general grants program is limited to serving the residents of Barnstable County. Preference is given to challenge grants and specific program initiatives. There are two funding cycles: April 1 and October 1. The specific grant initiatives have included water quality projects, computers for kids, issues affecting the gay and lesbian communities, and technical assistance programs for nonprofit organizations.

KEYWORDS: Aquaculture, Barnstable County, Biology, Cape Cod, Coastal Issues, Ecology, Educational Services, Environmental Issues, Erosion, Fisheries, Geology, Natural History, Scholarships.

CAPE COD STRANDING NETWORK, a project of the International Fund for Animal Welfare
411 Main Street
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

PHONE: (508) 744-2000 or (800) 932-4329

FAX: (508) 744-2009



Katie Touhey, Emergency Relief Manager, Marine Mammals

- Office: 9:00-5:00, 7 days/week
- Emergency Response: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year

The Cape Cod Stranding Network, a project of IFAW, is a non-profit organization dedicated to marine mammal stranding response. The CCSN/IFAW mission is to promote the conservation of marine mammal species and their habitat by improving humane care and treatment of stranded marine mammals, advancing stranding science, and increasing public awareness through education. The Network covers almost 700 miles of coastline from the Sagamore-Plymouth line to the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border, including all of Cape Cod. Within this area, CCSN responds to an average of 500 reports of animals in distress each year; of those animals, an average of 200 cases require intervention or investigation.



KEYWORDS: Cape Cod, Marine Mammals, Stranding, Whales, Dolphin

411 Main Street
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

PHONE: (800) 932-4329 or (508) 744-2000

FAX: (508) 744-2009



CONTACTS: Supporter Services

HOURS: 9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday

A nonprofit organization with more than 1.5 million supporters worldwide that works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress. We seek to motivate the public to prevent cruelty to animals and to promote animal welfare and conservation policies that advance the well-being of both animals and people.

With headquarters on Cape Cod and offices in 15 countries, IFAW has a staff of more than 200 experienced campaigners, legal and political experts, and internationally-acclaimed scientists. IFAW protects animals and habitats through community-based conservation and education programs, partnership projects with governments and NGOs, and international forums such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

PUBLICATIONS: Annual Report, "Our Shared World" quarterly newsletter, and various issue-specific publications.

OTHER INFORMATION: The IFAW accepts donations of any amount. There are no set fees for membership.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Promoting Whale Watching and Eco-Tourism Worldwide; Helping Parks and Reserves Better Protect Animals and Habitats; Reducing the Commercial Trade in Wildlife; Rescuing Individual Animals and Species at Risk from Oil Spills and Other Disasters; Fighting for an End to Commercial Whaling and Sealing; Improving the Welfare of Animals through Education and Public Advocacy.

KEYWORDS: Marine Mammals, Whales, Oil Spills, Ecotourism, Wildlife, Animals, Habitat, Anti-cruelty, Environment

Box 376
Yarmouthport, MA 02675

PHONE: (508) 775-1904 (Henderson)

FAX: Not available.


WWW: Not available.

CONTACTS: Donald F. Henderson, President

HOURS: No office hours

A private, nonprofit land trust accepting land donations and gifts to preserve open space land in the Town of Yarmouth. The trust protects approximately 200 acres of conservation land. A member of The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, Inc.

PUBLICATIONS: "Yarmouth Conservation Trust Newsletter"

FEES: Annual membership $20 and up. Membership at 200.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Creation of parks on land owned by the Town.

KEYWORDS: Conservation, Land Conservation, Land Trusts, Natural Habitats, Wetlands, Wildlife, Yarmouth, Park Development

674 Route 28
West Yarmouth, MA 02673

PHONE: (508) 775-8883

FAX: (508) 775-7335



Dennis Markham, Director
Amy Travers, Education Coordinator

HOURS: Sumr: 9:30-6 daily; Wntr: 9:30-4 daily

The ZooQuarium is a unique marine aquarium and zoological park, enjoyable and interesting for both adults and children. Our focus is on native wildlife and coastal marine mammals, providing a link between local residents and local species and habitats. Zooquarium has taken on the goal of making people aware of the living world right here in our midst.


FEES: Admission: $6.75-$9.75. Call for group rates and ZooMobile program fees.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: The Education Department has new outreach and onsite programs for children of all ages, such as "Strut Your Stuff" and "What's Wild and What's Not." Zoo specials include a fascinating and informative look at marine mammals introduced during our seal and sea lion presentation. Also, explore our Discovery Center which offers many hands- on activities.

KEYWORDS: Aquariums and museums, educational services for general public, educational services for children, educational services for young adults, marine mammals, natural history, tourism, wildlife, Yarmouth

Town Departments

Town of Yarmouth: Town Departments

Community Preservation Committee
Conservation Commission
Department of Natural Resources
Health Board

Town of Yarmouth
Community Preservation Committee

1146 Route 28
So. Yarmouth, MA 02664

PHONE: (508) 398-2231, Ext. 275

FAX: (508) 398-2365



Curtis Sears, Chairman
Jennifer Coutinho, CPC Staff Assistant

HOURS: 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday

The Yarmouth Community Preservation Committee makes recommendations to Town Meeting on projects to be funded wit hresources in the Community Preservation fund. The Community Preservation Act allows funding for:
- the acquisition, creation and preservation of open space;
- the acquisition, preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction of historic resources;
- the acquisition, creation, and preservation of land for recreation use; and
- the creation, preservation, and support of community housing.

KEYWORDS: Yarmouth, Open Space, Land Acquisition, Historic, Recreation, Affordable Housing, Community Preservation

Town of Yarmouth
Conservation Commission

1146 Main Street (Rte. 28)
So. Yarmouth, MA 02664

PHONE: (508) 398-2231, Ext. 283

FAX: (508) 398-0836 or (508) 398-2365



Bradford Hall, Conservation Administrator
Sandi Clark, Conservation Office Secretary

HOURS: 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday

The conservation commission is made up of seven appointed volunteers to acquire open space, administer and enforce the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act, administer local protection bylaws, manage open space land, develop open space plans, initiate other conservation programs, advise town agencies on resource protection, participate in agriculture preservation, and educate local citizens. Meetings are held the first and third Thursday monthly. A trail system on conservation properties is described by pamphlets which are available.

The following forms can be downloaded from the Commission's web site:
- Notice of Intent
- Request for Determination of Applicability
- Request for Certificate of Compliance

KEYWORDS: Coastal Management And Planning, Coastal Ponds, Conservation, Land Conservation, Regulatory Enforcement And Information, Water Quality, Wetlands, Yarmouth

Town of Yarmouth
Dept. of Natural Resources

597 Forest Road
West Yarmouth, MA 02673

PHONE: (508) 760-4800

FAX: (508) 760-4805



CONTACTS: Karl von Hone, Director

HOURS: 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday

The Department enforces the rules and regulations of hunting, fishing, shellfishing, Wetlands Protection Act, illegal dumping, recreational vehicle use, boating safety and operations, cruelty to animals, and loose domestic animals. This Department also deals with review of Natural Resource impact and alteration projects, develops land management programs, wildlife management programs, shellfish management, aquaculture propagation, environmental education, and waterfront management. Natural Resources provides public safety and responds to search and rescue calls. The diverse Department consists of Natural Resource Officers (Environmental Law Enforcement, Land Management, Wildlife Management), Shellfish Constables and Assistants (Law Enforcement, Shellfish Propagation, Aquaculture, Water Quality), Harbormaster and Assistants (Maritime Law Enforcement, Public and Boating Safety), Animal Control Officers and Assistants (Licensing, Cruelty Investigations, Loose Domestic Animals, and Bite Investigations), Wharfingers and Assistants (Management of Town-owned Marinas).

KEYWORDS: Coastal Management And Planning, Coastal Recreation, Recreational Fisheries, Shellfisheries, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Wetlands, Wildlife, Yarmouth, Land Management, Wildlife Management, Domestic Animals, Aquaculture, Conservation Trails, Marine Use, Boating, Marina, Shellfish Propagation

Town of Yarmouth
Health Board

1146 Main Street (Rte. 28)
S. Yarmouth, MA 02675

PHONE: (508) 398-2231, Ext. 241

FAX: (508) 398-2365

E-MAIL: Not available.


CONTACTS: Bruce Murphy, R.S. MPH, CHO, Health Agent

HOURS: 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday

The Board of Health enforces the Massachusetts General Laws, the state Sanitary and Environmental Codes, and local health regulations. This includes the location, construction and repair of septic systems, hazardous material storage and disposal, solid waste disposal, bathing water quality, private water supplies, private wells, and non-community public water supplies, and investigation of communicable disease. The board regulates the use of pesticides/herbicides, food service establishments, rental housing, and lodging establishments.

PUBLICATIONS: Numerous publications are available on Title V septic systems, communicable diseases, rabies, hazardous waste, and public health fact sheets.

KEYWORDS: Acid Rain, Health, Legislation, Mosquito Control, Nutrition, Oil Spills, Public, Red Tide, Regulatory Enforcement and Information, Safety Standards, Seafood, Shellfisheries, Waste Disposal And Treatment, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Water Resources, Yarmouth


Town of Yarmouth: Schools

Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School
Laurence C. MacArthur Elementary School
Marguerite E. Small Elementary School
Mattacheese Middle School
Station Avenue Elemeintary School

Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School (Public)
210 Station Avenue, South Yarmouth, MA 02664
(508) 398-7630
(508) 398-7639-FAX
Principal: Kenneth Jenks
Librarian: Julia Johnson
Science Dept. Coord.: Susan Carnathan

Laurence C. MacArthur Elementary School (Public)
1175 Route 28, South Yarmouth, MA 02664
(508) 398-7685
(508) 398-7603-FAX
Principal: Carol Eichner
Librarian: Deborah Sweeney
Science Dept. Coord.: Cathy Nugnes

Marguerite E. Small Elementary School (Public)
440 Higgins Crowell Road, West Yarmouth, MA 02673
(508) 778-7975
(508) 778-7977-FAX
Principal: Randall Wallin
Librarian: Mary Thulin
Science Dept. Coord.: Janet Gilrein

Mattacheese Middle School (Public)
400 Higgins Crowell Road, West Yarmouth, MA 02673
(508) 778-7979
(508) 778-7987-FAX
Principal: Emily Mezzetti
Librarian: Sarah Wheaton
Science Dept. Coords.: Amy Heilmann (grade 8), Connie Stratton (grade 7), and John Sinopoli (grade 6)

Station Avenue Elementary School (Public)
276 Station Avenue, South Yarmouth, MA 02664
(508) 760-5600
(508) 760-5601-FAX
Principal: Randy Wallin
Librarian: Elena Schuck
Science Dept. Coords.:

Last updated: January 14, 2015

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