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Town of Falmouth

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Private Organizations

Town of Falmouth: Private Organizations

American Fisheries Society Southern New England Chapter
Cape Cod Group of the Sierra Club
Center for the Restoration of Waters at Ocean Arks International
Citizens for the Protection of Waquoit Bay
Coalition for Buzzards Bay
Coonamessett River Coalition
Falmouth Associations Concerned with Estuaries and Saltponds (FACES)
International Wildlife Coalition
League of Women Voters, Falmouth Chapter
Marine Biological Laboratory
Massachusetts Audubon Society Ashumet Holly and Wildlife
Nature's Circle, A Nature Center for Falmouth
Oyster Pond Environmental Trust, Inc.
Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries
Sea Education Association, Inc. (SEA)
Self-Reliance Corporation
The 300 Committee
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (NA), Inc.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Coastal Ocean Institute & Rinehart Coastal Research Ctr.
Woods Hole Research Center
Woods Hole Science and Technology Education Partnership (WHSTEP)

c/o Chris Tomichek
Kleinschmidt Associates
Kleinschmidt Building
35 Pratt Street
Essex, CT 06426

PHONE: (860) 767-5069

FAX: (860) 767-5097



CONTACT: Chris Tomichek, President

HOURS: No office hours. Call for information.

The American Fisheries Society promotes and evaluates educational, scientific and technological development in fisheries science and practice. This chapter encourages information exchange among AFS members in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The chapter also has an extensive list of books on fish and conservation issues.

PUBLICATIONS: Journals: "Transactions," "Fisheries Magazine," "North American Journal of Fisheries Management," "The Journal of Aquatic Animal Behavior" and "Progressive Fish-Culturist."

FEES: Chapter dues: $10.00; Parent Organization dues: $71.50

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Annual June and December meetings are held in various locations in Southern New England. Topics of the society include fish culture, fish health, marine fisheries, fisheries education, fish management, exotic species, early-life histories, bio-engineering, computer use, water quality, economics and fisheries administration.

KEYWORDS: Commercial Fisheries, Conservation, Educational Services For General Public, Educational Services At The University Level, Legislation, Marine Careers, Marine Research, Natural History, Recreational Fisheries, Seafood, Sportfishing, Water Resources, Wetlands, Woods Hole

18 Treetop Lane
East Falmouth, MA 02536

PHONE: (508) 540-7142

FAX: Not available.


WWW: Not available.

CONTACT: David Dow

HOURS: No office hours. Call for information.

A national, nonprofit, member-supported lobbying organization working for the environment. The local group sponsors outings and publishes a quarterly newsletter. Run by volunteers, the group holds meetings at different locations on the Cape. Local conservation priorities include: cleanup and land preservation at the Massachusetts Military Reservation, open space and wildlife habitat preservation, management of the Cape Cod National Seashore, prevention of pollution in local waterbodies, and environmental justice.

PUBLICATIONS: Quarterly chapter newsletter, "Sierra" magazine (bimonthly).

MEMBERSHIP: Annual dues vary from $25 to $47 for single or joint membership.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Active participants in many local campaigns, including the Cape Cod Land Bank and creation of a water supply reserve at the Cape Cod Military Reservation.

KEYWORDS: Coastal Recreation, Conservation, Legislation, Natural Habitats, Natural History, Wetlands, Water Quality, Recycling/Solid Wastes, Superfund Cleanups, Barnstable County

10 Shanks Pond Road
Falmouth, MA 02540

PHONE: (508) 548-8161

FAX: (508) 548-8315



CONTACT: Dr. John Todd, President

HOURS: 9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday

A nonprofit, global center for water awareness and advocacy. The central theme is the use of ecological knowledge to solve the problems of water pollution and toxic waste disposal. Its mission is to train a generation of water stewards, embark on the restoration of damaged aquatic environments, develop new techniques for waste water treatment, and communicate its findings through its newspaper and public information sheets. The Center is a nonprofit research organization dedicated to the use of ecological knowledge to solve water pollution problems. The Center is open to the public who wish to learn more about the projects Ocean Arks is involved in.

PUBLICATIONS: "Annals of Earth" (3/year, free with membership)

FEES: Annual membership: $30 Individual, $50 Family. The Center has a membership of over 2,000.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Communication, education, and restoration projects. The Center offers training programs for policy makers, officials, and citizens in environmentally responsible options for water use in towns, cities, and communities; short courses on diverse topics by environmental experts; short intensive courses on aquaculture and its application in the urban setting: for- credit courses in collaboration with colleges and universities.

KEYWORDS: Aquaculture, Biology, Buzzards Bay, Coastal Management And Planning, Coastal Ponds, Educational Services For General Public, Educational Services For Young Adults, Education And Continuing Education For Adults, Educational Services At The University Level, Engineering, Falmouth, Harwich, Waste Disposal And Treatment, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Water Resources, Wetlands, Ecological Design, Groundwater, Bioshelters, Restoration

P.O. Box 3021
Waquoit, MA 02536

PHONE: (508) 540-1948

FAX: Not available.

E-MAIL: Not available.


Michael O'Leary, Chairman, Steering Committee
Jayne Abbott, Steering Committee

HOURS: No office hours. Call for information.

A nonprofit organization involved with public education focusing on the need to protect and enhance the environment. Monitors local, state, and federal government on environmental matters. "Friends" group for Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (WBNERR)), handling grants and fund raising. Advocate of watershed management for restoration of coastal water quality.

PUBLICATIONS: Newsletters to membership. Occasional brochures on current projects or concerns.

FEES: Annual membership $10.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Speakers at Annual Meeting in July of each year. Co- sponsor with WBNERR of "Evenings on the Bluff" lecture series, children's summer science school, beach cleanups, and other programs. Occasional public meetings. Steering Committee holds open meetings the first Monday of every other month at 7:00 p.m. at the WBNERR main house or boat house.

KEYWORDS: Friends group for WBNERR, Birds, Boating, Coastal Management And Planning, Coastal Ponds, Coastal Recreation, Commercial Fisheries, Conservation, Falmouth, Land Conservation, Legislation, Marine Research, Mashpee, Military, Mosquito Control, Natural Habitats, Public, Shellfisheries, Waquoit Bay, Waste Disposal And Treatment, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Wetlands, Wildlife

17 Hamilton Street
New Bedford, MA 02740

Click here to see the Coalition's complete listing under the Town of Bourne.

P.O. Box 102
Falmouth, MA 02541

PHONE: (508) 540-8162

FAX: Not available



CONTACT: Wendi Buesseler

HOURS: No office hours. Call for information.

The Coalition's mission is to preserve, protect, restore, and celebrate the Coonamessett River and the town-owned river-land, linking Coonamessett Pond and Great Pond. The group envisions a vibrant, vital greenway in the heart of Falmouth -- a showcase of Falmouth's historic, cultural, and biological bounty. Currently, the major portion of Town of Falmouth-owned land along the Coonamessett River, about 134 acres of ponds, cranberry bogs, and associated uplands, is leased for cranberry cultivation. The Coalition envisions this land as the backbone of a riverine park, encompassing a mosaic of naturlized wetlands, uplands, and small-scale cranberry growing.

The Coalition consists of 12 organizations and over 100 individuals. Organizations include: League of Women Voters of Falmouth, Falmouth Fishermens' Association, F.A.C.E.S., Sierra Club of Cape Cod, Nature's Circle, Orenda Wildlife Trust, GreenCAPE, Association to Preserve Cape Cod, Falmouth Cape Verdan Club, St. Anthony’s Club, Trout Unlimited, and Oyster Pond Environmental Trust.

PUBLICATIONS: No publications.

FEES: Voluntary membership dues.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Guided walks along the river and talks on different aspects of rivers and their habitats.

KEYWORDS: Falmouth, Pesticides, Pond, River, Conservation, Cranberry Bog

P.O. Box 156
Falmouth, MA 02541

PHONE: (508) 548-7443

FAX: Not available.



CONTACT: Brad Stumcke, President

HOURS: No hours. Call for information.

The purpose of FACES is "To educate and inspire the residents to preserve the environment and natural resources of the estuaries and saltponds of Falmouth and to combat and prevent pollution of these estuaries and saltponds through consultation with environmental scientists and engineers, study of existing conditions, publicizing problem areas via meetings, member newsletters and newspaper releases, alerting local and state officials to the need for corrective measures and mobilizing community support." The major thrust in 2006 will be to work with the Town of Falmouth as they undertake the task of nutrient management planning.

PUBLICATIONS: Periodic newsletters

FEES: Not applicable.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Informational meetings held for the Falmouth community. Call for information. Coastal Ponds, Falmouth

KEYWORDS: Falmouth, coastal pond nitrogen pollution, nutrient management

70 East Falmouth Highway
East Falmouth, MA 02536

PHONE: (508) 457-1898

FAX: (508) 457-1898



CONTACT: Daniel J. Morast, President

HOURS: 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday

The International Wildlife Coalition (IWC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and protection of wild animals and wildlife habitat.

PUBLICATIONS: Scientific papers: "Wildlife Watch Newsletter," and "Wildlife & You" booklet

FEES: Annual membership: $25.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: IWC is a member organization of the Cape Cod Stranding Network.

KEYWORDS: Conservation, Falmouth, Wildlife

P.O. Box 450
Falmouth, MA 025401

PHONE: (508) 540-8162

FAX: Not available.



CONTACT: Wendi Buesseler

HOURS: No office hours

The League is a 76-year-old, member-oriented, nonprofit nonpartisan organization open to all citizens of voting age. It is dedicated to promoting informed citizen participation in public policy issues at local, state, and national levels. Environmental emphasis of the League (and the coalition it helps to build) includes improvement of air and water quality, promotion of energy conservation, legislation, safe solid and hazardous waste management, and development of comprehensive management policies for coastal areas. The Falmouth League provides lectures and candidate forums, publications, information, citizen education, as well as active lobbying for specific league-supported issues.

PUBLICATIONS: "Falmouth in Focus" and " Monthly Bulletin."

OTHER INFORMATION: Annual Membership $50.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Promotes informed citizen participation in government, active in lobbying for the many issues including environment, provides legislative information to concerned citizens.

KEYWORDS: Agriculture, Buzzards Bay, Coastal Management And Planning, Conservation, Educational Services For General Public, Educational Services For Young Adults, Energy, Falmouth, Health, Land Conservation, Legislation, Public, Waste Disposal And Treatment

7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543

PHONE: (508) 289-7423

FAX: (508) 289-7934



CONTACT: Office of Communications

HOURS: 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday

The Marine Biological Laboratory is a private, non-profit research and educational institution focused in basic biological, biomedical, and environmental science. The MBL has one of the largest marine science libraries in the world. The MBL offers courses, lectures, and symposia on a wide range of topics, including neurobiology, cell and developmental biology, physiology, microbiology, marine biomedicine, molecular evolution, and ecosystem studies. Summer tours are offered on a limited basis.

PUBLICATIONS: "MBL Catalyst" (2/year), "Biological Bulletin" (journal), and "The MBL Calendar"

FEES: None. Contributions welcome.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Lectures, symposia, summer tours, conferences, audiovisuals, MBL/WHOI Library, lecture halls, marine science laboratories.

KEYWORDS: Acid Rain, Aquaculture, Biology, Biomedical Research, Coastal Management And Planning, Coastal Ponds, Educational Services At The University Level, Falmouth, Marine Research, Water Quality, Wetlands, Woods Hole


286 Ashumet Road
E. Falmouth, MA 02536

PHONE: (508) 362-1426

FAX: Not available.



CONTACT: Elwood Mills, Sanctuary Director

HOURS: Trails-Daily, sunrise/sunset

One of 18 sanctuaries owned and managed by the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the Ashumet Holly and Wildlife Sanctuary is a 45-acre coastal education center with 8 species and 45 varieties of Holly trees, plus a barn swallow colony, and two self-guided trails. Special events year-round.

PUBLICATIONS: "Sanctuary Magazine" (6/year, free to members)

OTHER INFORMATION: Admission: $3 Adults, $2 Seniors and Children. Members Free. Annual membership for individuals is $37 and for families $47.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Coastal education center, ornithology, natural history, environmental education. Cruises to Cuttyhunk, July-October. Seal cruises in winter and spring.

KEYWORDS: Birds, Conservation, Educational Services For General Public, Educational Services For Children, Educational Services For Young Adults, Education And Continuing Education For Adults, Falmouth, Land Conservation, Natural Habitats, Wildlife

NATURE'S CIRCLE, A Nature Center for Falmouth
P.O. Box 186
Woods Hole, MA 02543

PHONE: (508) 564-4331

FAX: Not available.



CONTACTS: Alison Robb, Naturalist, Director

HOURS: No set hours (call for information). Events are published in newspapers, calendars, and on our web site.

Nature's Circle was founded in 1995 to provide the people of the Southwest corner of Cape Cod with an active nature program. Classes and nature walks on butterflies, botany, birds, and coastal ecology are scheduled, along with information about clean water, sustainable living, land management, and more.

PUBLICATIONS: Member newsletter and e-mail schedules (e-mail us to sign up).

FEES/OTHER: Financed by membership, donations, and grants. Membership: Regular, $30; Family, $40; Charter Members, $50; Monarchs, $200; and Angels, $500. Volunteers are welcome and needed on staff.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Weekly walks and talks on birding, botany, beaches, marshes, ponds, habitats, ecology, and butterflies. Butterfly counts. Occasional workshops and lectures on the above subjects led by visiting naturalists. There is no charge for field walks.

KEYWORDS: Barnstable County, Birds, Botany, Butterflies, Cape Cod, Coastal Issues, Ecology, Environmental Issues, Erosion, Falmouth, Geology, Natural History, Natural Resources, Wildlife Management, Woods Hole, Environmental Education

P.O. Box 496
Woods Hole, MA 02543-0496

Lou Turner: (508) 540-3263
Barry Norris: (508) 540-7345

FAX: Not available.



Lou Turner, Chairman
Michael McNaught, Vice Chairman
Barry Norris, Treasurer

HOURS: No set hours. Call for information.

Oyster Pond Environmental Trust, Inc. (OPET) was formed in 1994 by residents of Oyster Pond's watershed area to improve the pond's deteriorating health. To this end, OPET is dedicated to land conservation in the pond's watershed area; to monitor pond water quality in collaboration with the Falmouth Pond Watchers Program; to inform and educate the pond's watershed area residents and the public at large about the impact of human activity on coastal ponds; and to work with the Town of Falmouth on a pond management plan that is based on long-term scientific studies of the pond. OPET is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt volunteer organization with a Board of Directors elected from and by its membership.

PUBLICATIONS: Newsletter: "The Watershed", 2/year, with educational information pertinent for residents of the pond's watershed and updates on pond condition and pond management. Book: OPET has reprinted K.O. Emery's classic book on Oyster Pond, "A Coastal Pond Studied by Oceanographic Methods," updated with results from the last decade's data collected on the pond by the Falmouth Pond Watchers Program.

FEES: $25, regular membership; $100, supporting member.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Water quality monitoring and other pond studies; own and manage several acres of conservation land in Oyster Pond's watershed area, with trail access on Ransom Road open to the public; annual meetings, held the second week of July feature keynote speaker on topics related to conservation and coastal ponds, open to the public.

KEYWORDS: water quality, Falmouth, pond, volunteer, conservation, monitoring

P.O. Box 535
West Falmouth, MA 02574

PHONE: (508) 548-8484

FAX: (508) 548-8484



CONTACTS: Katey Taylor

HOURS: 9:00-4:00 Monday-Friday or call for an appointment

A nonprofit, private organization that owns and maintains over 220 acres of conservation land in the Town of Falmouth. Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries accepts land donations. Walking trails include those located on the Quissett Knob, around Salt Pond (lying between Elm Road and Mill Road), and the Bourne Farm, an area of about 40 acres, including a 20 acre wood lot with trails edged by wildflowers native to Southeastern Massachusetts.

PUBLICATIONS: "Annual Bulletin"

OTHER INFORMATION: Annual membership: Individual $30, Family $50, Sponsor $100, Sustaining Member $500, Life Member $1,000.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: The group owns and runs the Marshlands, an observation building for study and classes in West Falmouth. Programs held at The Bourne Farm, an authentic 1775 farmhouse listed on the National Register. Bourne Farm is open to the public for tours in the summer months (by appointment) and staffed by volunteers. Pumpkin Day, annual event held on the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend. Education programs in the summer months.

KEYWORDS: Agriculture, Conservation, Educational Services For General Public, Educational Services for Children, Falmouth, Land Conservation, Natural Habitats, Public, Wetlands, Wildlife, Knob in Quissett


OFFICE: 171 Woods Hole Road, Falmouth, MA
MAILING: P.O. Box 6, Woods Hole, MA 02543

PHONE: (508) 540-3954 or 800-552-3633

FAX: (508) 457-4673



John Bullard, President
Paul Joyce, Dean
PJ Petrone, Assistant Dean of Admission

HOURS: 8-5 Monday-Friday

Sea Education Association (SEA) is a non-profit educational organization that offers comprehensive academic programs in ocean studies. All SEA programs combine theoretical course work ashore at its Woods Hole campus with practical application at sea on board its Sailing School Vessels - Corwith Cramer (a 134-foot brigantine) and Robert C. Seamans (a 134-foot brigantine). Both ships are ocean-going vessels fully equipped with modern, sophisticated oceanographic sampling gear. Students on board become wholly immersed in all vessel operations including carrying out a rigorous program of science under sail. Shore courses include oceanography, nautical science and maritime studies..

PUBLICATIONS: "Following SEA" and "CURRENTS" newsletters published three times a year; SEA Annual Report; Program Information

FEES: Fees vary. Call for information on specific programs.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: For undergraduates: SEA Semester® (12 weeks, 17 semester hours; offered five times a year) and "SEA Summer Session" (8 weeks, 12 semester hours; offered in June through July). For teachers: "Research at SEA" (graduate credit; 6 weeks, late-June to early-August). For high school students: "Science at SEA" (3 week program offered during the summer months; for students aged 15 to 18) and "Oceanography of the Gulf of Maine" (3 week program offered during the summer months; for high school juniors, seniors, and college freshmen not majoring in the sciences; students earn 4 college credits from Cornell University. This program is run jointly with the Shoals Marine Laboratory of Cornell University). Also offered is "Oceanography of the Southern California Bight" (3 week program offered during the summer months for high school juniors and seniors and college freshmen not majoring in the sciences; students earn 4 college credits from the University of Southern California. This program is run jointly with the University of Southern California's Wrigley Institute). For Adults: “SEA Expedition” (10 days, late January)

KEYWORDS: Educational Services for Young Adults, Education and Continuing Education for Adults, Educational Services at the University Level, Marine Research, Maritime History, Maritime Studies, Woods Hole, Oceanography, Navigation, Nautical Science

23A Edgerton Drive
North Falmouth, MA 02556

PHONE: (508) 563-6633 or toll free (888) 808-0120

FAX: (508) 563-1123


WWW: provides updated oil co-op pricing and current information on all member benefit programs and organization activities.

CONTACT: Megan Amsler, Executive Director

HOURS: 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday

Cape & Islands Self-Reliance is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, whose mission is to promote environmentally sound technologies and sustainable practices that provide tangible benefits through education, advocacy and collective membership.

Self-Reliance was founded in 1980 to identify, facilitate and educate the public about sound environmental practices that help protect our ecosystem. By educating and empowering the consumer, Self-Reliance acts as a catalyst in implementing cost-saving, pollution-reducing opportunities for homeowners, businesses and municipalities. Our community supported buying cooperative was established over 20 years ago to place purchasing power in the hands of consumers, enabling citizens of Cape Cod and southeastern Massachusetts to buy necessary services at affordable group rates.

PUBLICATIONS: "The Self-Reliance Commentator," quarterly newsletter for members, also available at local libraries and senior centers; "The Barnstable County Energy Management Plan," available at local libraries; "Electric Utility Deregulation: A Consumer's Guide," available at local libraries; "A Guide to Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems," available from Self-Reliance. Renewable Energy Lending Kits contain books on energy and activities for teachers and students.

MEMBERSHIP: Annual dues are $30 for individuals and couples; $15 for seniors (over 65) and members of the Massachusetts Teachers Association; $40 for families; $40 for non-profit organizations; $50 for businesses.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: The home heating oil cooperative, discounts on auto, homeowner, and long-term care insurance, and low-cost long distance calling with no monthly fees or required minimums are available to all members, and membership is open to everyone.

OTHER INFORMATION: Self-Reliance offers a variety of programs relating to renewable energy systems, including solar thermal for domestic hot water and space heating; photovoltaics; wind and biodiesel.

KEYWORDS: Conservation, Energy, Educational Services for General Public, Educational Services for Children, Public, Barnstable County, Renewable Energy

157 Locust Street
Falmouth, MA 02540

PHONE: (508) 540-0876

FAX: (508) 457-6406



Margaret Hough Russell, Administrator
Lucy Helfrich, Director of Program Services
Leonard Johnson, President

HOURS: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The 300 Committee (T3C) is a private, non-profit land trust founded in 1985. Its mission is to preserve open space in the Town of Falmouth. T3C was an early leader on Cape Cod in forging a productive partnership with town government in pursuit of natural resource protection through land acquisition. From 1985 until the passage of the Cape Cod Land Bank Bill in 1998, T3C acquired hundreds of acres of conservation land for Falmouth through Town Meeting vote and by electoral ballot. Shortly after the passage of the Land Bank Bill, the Town appointed T3C as its agent for land purchases using Land Bank funds. (Dollars earmarked for open space were acquired by the Town through property taxes.) More than 900 acres of open space in all of Falmouth’s villages, from Woods Hole to Waquoit, were purchased with Land Bank funds. Recognizing that Land Bank funds would be expended quickly, T3C conducted a four-year capital campaign which raised $8 million in cash, pledges and gifts of land. Since the Town of Falmouth's adoption of the Community Preservation Act in 2005, T3C has earned several grants to support additional open space purchases. In total, T3C has spearheaded the public purchase of more than 2,000 acres of land throughout Falmouth for conservation, recreation, and water protection. The 300 Committee itself owns 133 acres and holds conservation restrictions on more than 488 additional acres.

The 300 Committee belongs to the Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts and the National Land Trust Alliance.

PUBLICATIONS: Membership brochure and semi-annual newsletter. Printed maps and trail guides are available for the 485-acre Peterson Farm & Beebe Woods conservation areas, the 10-mile Moraine Trail and the Town of Falmouth's Conservation and Recreation Lands. Smaller maps can be downloaded and printed from T3C's website.

FEES: Yearly membership ranges from $33 (individual) and $50 (family) to benefactor and beyond. All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: T3C offers numerous walks throughout the year in Falmouth's many conservation lands, and periodically presents talks and other programs to raise awareness about the value and need to preserve land. To receive news and updates electronically, e-mail T3C at The Stewardship Program links volunteer stewards with publicly owned conservation land. Stewards walk Town-owned parcels regularly, maintain trails and participate in cleanups. Conservation Restrictions on private land are becoming much more widely used. Advice on this program is available to landowners from T3C and associated professionals.

KEYWORDS: Conservation, Falmouth, Land Conservation, Land Trusts, Land Bank

70 East Falmouth Highway
East Falmouth, MA 02536

PHONE: (508) 548-8328

FAX: (508) 457-1988



CONTACT: Lori Keleher, Administration

HOURS: 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (NA), Inc., the global voice for the protection of whales and dolphins, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of and education research involving aquatic mammals.

PUBLICATIONS: Scientific papers: "Whalewatch Newsletter"

FEES: Annual membership: $30.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: The Whale Adoption Project funds marine mammal rescue, education, research, and protection programs. Adopters get a personalized adoption certificate, migration map and a newsletter with information about their Humpback whale, updates on sightings and marine mammal issues.

KEYWORDS: Conservation, Falmouth, Marine Mammals, Whales, Dolphins

Information Office
93 Water Street MS #16
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1050

PHONE: (508) 289-2252

FAX: (508) 457-2034



CONTACTS: Joanne Tromp, Information Office

HOURS: 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday

A private, nonprofit marine research laboratory with a professional staff of marine scientists and engineers who study all aspects of marine science and publish and communicate research results. Research at WHOI includes the basic disciplines of biology, chemistry, geology and geophysics, physical oceanography, and applied ocean physics and engineering. Two research centers focus on marine policy and coastal research.

PUBLICATIONS: "Oceanus" is now published continually on the Web at

FEES: Not applicable

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Provides graduate, postdoctoral, and undergraduate education programs. Public Exhibit Center (call for hours and fees); Associates Membership Program; and Volunteer Program.

KEYWORDS: Biology, Buzzards Bay, Chatham, Coastal Management And Planning, Coastal Ponds, Conservation, Educational Services At The University Level, Engineering, Erosion, Geology, Marine Careers, Marine Electronics, Marine Mammals, Marine Research, Oceanography, Oil Spills, Red Tide, Underwater Research, Waquoit Bay, Waste Disposal And Treatment, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Wetlands, Woods Hole

193 Oyster Pond Road, CRL 205, MS #2
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1525

PHONE: (508) 289-2418

FAX: (508) 457-2172



CONTACT: Judy Kleindinst, Center Administrator

HOURS: 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday

The mission of the Coastal Ocean Institute & Rinehart Coastal Research Center (COI-RCRC) at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is to support and enrich coastal research activities of the Woods Hole scientific community, in particular those research activities that directly affect the protection and enhancement of coastal resources.

The goal of the COI-RCRC is to foster excellence in interdisciplinary coastal research at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. An ever-increasing emphasis at the national and regional level is being placed on interdisciplinary research; COI-RCRC fosters interactions and cooperative research across scientific disciplines and academic departments. It attempts to develop mechanisms to increase interactions between scientists in different WHOI departments, leading to enhanced interdisciplinary research programs within WHOI while continuing to cultivate strong inter-institutional links. Similarly, the COI-RCRC encourages outreach and research translation, and supports the WHOI educational curriculum.

PUBLICATIONS: Scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles; occasional technical reports; topical books; workshop proceedings; in-house newsletter; web site.

OTHER: B.H. Ketchum Award; small boat fleet; coastal instrumentation pool; guest investigators

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Research: Massachusetts Bay/Stellwagen Bank/Gulf of Maine, Coastal Ocean Observatories, Ecotoxicology, Global Climate Change, Coastal Zone Instrumentation, Rapid Response Program. Outreach: Sponsors workshops and special topic seminars. Education: Supports post-doctoral scholars, student theses.

KEYWORDS: Aquaculture, Biology, Buzzards Bay, Coastal Management, Coastal Ponds, Coastal Ocean Observatories, Educational Services at the University Level, Engineering, Erosion, Coastal Geology, Legislation, Marine Mammals, Marine Research, Oil Spills, Red Tide, Shellfisheries, Underwater Research, Waquoit Bay, Waste Disposal and Treatment, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Wetlands, Massachusetts Bay, Cape Cod Bay, Educational Services for Government Agencies, Ocean Engineering, Circulation and Mixing, Chemical Contaminants, Groundwater, Estuarine Research, Air-Sea Exchange

149 Woods Hole Road
Falmouth, MA 02540

PHONE: (508) 540-9900

FAX: (508) 540-9700



Dr. John P. Holdren, Director
Robert Barry, Director of Finance and Administration
Dr. R. A. Houghton, Deputy Director and Senior Scientist
Frank Carotenuto, Director of Institutional Advancement
Elizabeth Braun, Director of Communications

HOURS: 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday

The Woods Hole Research Center is dedicated to science, education, and public policy for a habitable Earth. We seek to conserve and sustain the planet's vegetation, soils, water, and climate by clarifying and communicating their interacting functions in support of human well-being and by promoting practical approaches to their management in the human interest. The Center has projects in the Amazon, the Arctic, Africa, Russia, Alaska, Canada, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic -- as well as integrative efforts at continental to global scale -- working in collaboration with a wide variety of partners ranging from local NGOs, research centers, and enterprises to national governments and the United Nations.

PUBLICATIONS: Research articles, conference and workshop proceedings, books on global environmental issues.

FEES: Not applicable

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Pioneering studies of biogeochemistry, climate change and the warming of the earth; acclaimed rainforest research in Amazonia; work with indigenous communities in the conservation of forest habitat; a leading role in international treaties on climate and biodiversity; formation of the World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development; collaboration with Russian scientists to defend the largest forested area on earth; and research for the preservation of the forests and coastal regions of our own New England.

KEYWORDS: Acid Rain, Biogeochemistry, Biology, Biotic Impoverishment, Biotic Integrity, Climate Change, Conservation, Educational Services at the University Level, Energy, Environmental Economics, Environmental Integrity, Global Sustainability, Research in Ecology, Soils

P.O. Box 487
Woods Hole, MA 02543

PHONE: Not available.

FAX: Not available.



Patti Parker, Chair
Kama Theiler, Administrator

HOURS: No set hours (visit web site for information)

WHSTEP is a partnership of schools, scientific institutions, businesses, and community resources. Its purpose is to support, promote, and expand science, math, and technology education and science and math literacy in the participating communities of Falmouth, Mashpee, and Bourne.

PUBLICATIONS: Semi-annual newsletter.

FEES: None

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Occasional lectures and other programs to enhance exchange between scientists and teachers of science; needs and resources network; mini-grant program for local schools; women in science program; inservice programs for teachers of science; web-based Registry of Science Outreach Volunteers (ROV).

KEYWORDS: Education, Math, Falmouth, Bourne, Mashpee, Science

Town Departments

Town of Falmouth: Town Departments

Conservation Commission
Department of Natural Resources
Health Board/Health Department

Town of Falmouth
Conservation Commission

Town Hall, 59 Town Hall Square
Falmouth, MA 02540

PHONE: (508) 548-7611 or (508) 495-7445

FAX: (508) 495-7449



Karen Wilson, Chairman
Jennifer McKay, Administrator

HOURS: 9:00-3:00 Monday-Friday

The conservation commission is made up of seven appointed volunteers and three alternates to administer and enforce the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act, administer local wetlands protection bylaws and associated regulations, manage open space land, initiate conservation programs, advise town agencies on wetlands resource protection, participate in agriculture preservation and educate local citizens.

KEYWORDS: Agriculture, Buzzards Bay, Coastal Management And Planning, Coastal Ponds, Conservation, Erosion, Falmouth, Land Conservation, Regulatory Enforcement And Information, Shellfisheries, Waquoit Bay, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Water Resources, Wetlands, Wildlife, Woods Hole, Cranberry Bogs, Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act, Falmouth Wetland Bylaw

Town of Falmouth
Dept. of Natural Resources

750 Main Street
Falmouth, MA 02540

PHONE: (508) 457-2536. Shellfish and Herring Information Line: (508) 495-7334.

FAX: (508) 457-2511

E-MAIL: Not available.


Mark Patton, Director
Charles Martinsen, Asst. Director of Natural Resources and Shellfish Constable

HOURS: Monday-Sunday, hours vary.

The Department of Natural Resources enforces the rules and regulations of hunting, fishing, shellfishing, and Wetlands Protection Act in the town. The Department deals with marshland, docks, illegal dumping, driving of recreational vehicles, parking and driving on the beach, wildlife management programs, habitat analysis, and animal control.

The Department is also responsible for the propagation and management of shellfisheries and herring runs in the Town of Falmouth.

KEYWORDS: Coastal Ponds, Coastal Recreation, Conservation, Falmouth, Land Conservation, Natural Habitats, Oil Spills, Recreational Fisheries, Criminal Law Enforcement, Regulatory Enforcement And Information, Shellfish, Shellfisheries, Sportfishing, Wetlands, Wildlife, Woods Hole

Town of Falmouth
Falmouth Health Department
Board of Health

Falmouth Town Hall
59 Town Hall Square
Falmouth, MA 02540

PHONE: (508) 495-7485

FAX: (508) 548-4290



David Carignan, Health Agent
Scott McGann, Assistant Agent
Robyn Hendricks, Secretary

- Office: 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
- Health Agents Hours: 8:00-9:00 a.m.; 12:00-1:00 p.m.

The Board of Health enforces the Massachusetts General Laws, the state Sanitary Code, the state Environmental Code, and local health regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, the location, construction and repair of septic systems, hazardous material storage and disposal, solid waste disposal, bathing water quality, private water supplies, private wells, and non- community public water supplies. The board regulates the use of pesticides/herbicides. The Health Department also enforces the regulations controlling all food service operations, recreational camps and residential housing units, responds to releases of hazardous materials, and enforces the state housing code. The board sponsors the local Household Hazardous Waste Collections, and has an Underground Storage Tank Registration Program.

KEYWORDS: Falmouth, Health, Mosquito Control, Oil Spills, Public, Red Tide, Seafood, Waquoit Bay, Waste Disposal and Treatment, Water Pollution, Hazardous Materials Disposal, Pesticides


Town of Falmouth: Schools

East Falmouth Elementary School
Falmouth Academy
Falmouth High School
Heritage Christian Academy
Lawrence School
Morse Pond Middle School
Mullen-Hall School
North Falmouth Elementary School
Penikese Island School
Teaticket Elementary School

East Falmouth Elementary School (Public)
Davisville Road, East Falmouth, MA 02536
(508) 548-1052
(508) 548-0301-FAX
Principal: Samuel Slarsky
Librarian: Kristin Bergeron
Science Dept. Coord.: Taryn Dean

Falmouth Academy (Private)
7 Highfield Drive, Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 457-9696
(508) 457-4112-FAX
E-MAIL: Not available
Headmaster : David C. Faus
Librarians: Jennifer Naro and Colleen Johns
Science Dept. Coord.: Jill Reves-Sohn

Falmouth High School (Public)
874 Gifford Street, Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 540-2200
(508) 548-7515-FAX
Principal (interim): Joseph V. Driscoll
Librarian: Elizabeth H. Bothner
Science Dept. Head: Christine Brothers

Heritage Christian Academy (Private)
655 Boxberry Hill Road, East Falmouth, MA 02536
(508) 564-6341
(508) 564-6343-FAX
WWW: Not available.
Principal: Joseph Giampietro
Science Contact: Judy Plante

Lawrence School (Public)
113 Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 548-0606
(508) 457-9089-FAX
Principal: Paul Fay
Library Media Specialist: Kathy Botelho
Science Dept. Coord.:

Morse Pond Middle School (Public)
Jones Road, Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 548-7300
(508) 457-1810-FAX
Principal: Jane Manzelli
Librarian: Donna Herlihy
Science Dept. Coords.: Linda Werner

Mullen-Hall School (Public)
130 Katherine Bates Road, Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 548-0220
FAX: Not available.
E-MAIL: or
Principal: Donna Noonan
Librarian: Maggi Yates
Science Dept. Coord.: Trish Mara

North Falmouth Elementary School (Public)
62 Old Main Road, North Falmouth, MA 02556
(508) 564-2334
(508) 564-7525-FAX
Principal: Sue Driscoll
Librarian: Elaine Stanley
Science Dept. Coord.: Janet Wessling

Penikese Island School (Private)
P.O. Box 161, Woods Hole, MA 02543
(508) 548-7276
(508) 457-9580-FAX
Principal: Beth Lopez

Teaticket Elementary School (Public)
45 Maravista Extension, Teaticket, MA 02536
(508) 548-1550
(508) 540-4383-FAX
Principal: Michael Arth
Librarian: Mary Mysona
Science Dept. Coord.: Gordon Starr

Last updated: January 14, 2015

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