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What is Linked Open Data?

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The semantic web refers to a global collaborative initiative, led by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), to utilize standard technologies to support a “web of data” (for more information, see: The “web of data” is also known as Linked Data - data represented in the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and matched to authoritative vocabularies and ontologies published on the web. Linked Data allows distributed resources to be part of a global, federated database.

"Linked Data: An Oceanographic Perspective" presented at 2013 International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems:
Link to video of Adam Leadbetter's talk
Link to slides
Leadbetter, A., R. Arko, C. Chandler, A. Shepherd and R. Lowry. 2013. "Linked Data: An Oceanographic Perspective". The Journal of Ocean Technology 8(3). Sep.-Dec. 2013.

Videos that describe "Linked Open Data" in general:
Link to YouTube video from Europeana (Europe's multilingual digital library, museum and archive)
Link to YouTube video by Manu Sporny (Founder/CEO of Digital Bazaar)

Link to video more specific to Linked Data for libraries

Last updated: October 28, 2013