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Co-Principal Investigators: Andrey PROSHUTINSKY, WHOI, USA and Mike STEELE, UW, USA

This list of project participants includes all attendees of the 1st FAMOS meeting (October 23-26, 2012). It is expected that these scientists will continue actively work with FAMOS. This list will be updated monthly. If you wish to have your name added to or removed from this list please contact Andrey PROSHUTINSKY.

Aksenov, Yevgeny (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, U.K.,

Allard, Rick (NRL, USA,

Ashjian, Carin (WHOI, USA,

Bacon, Sheldon (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, U. K.,

Bouchat, Amelie (McGill University, Canada,

Bourdages, Line (McGill University, Canada,

Carpenter, Jeff (Yale University, USA,

Carton, Jim (University of Maryland, USA,

Cenedese, Claudia  (WHOI, USA,

Chaudhuri, Ayan H (AER, USA,

Chepurin, Gennady (University of Maryland, USA,

Curry, Beth (UW, USA,

Deal, Clara (UAF, USA,

Dukhovskoy, Dmitri (Florida State University, USA,

Dupont, Frederic (RPN-E, Environment Canada,

Farrell, Sinead L. (ESSIC/CICS/University of  Maryland,

Feltham, Daniel (University College London, London, UK,

Ferriz, Cecilia  (APL, UW, USA,

Gelderloos, Renske (Oxford University, UK,

Giles, Katharine (University College London,

Golubeva, Elena (Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics, Russia

Greene, Charles (Cornell University, USA,

Hata, Yukie (McGill University, Canada,

Hebert, David (NRL, USA,

Herbaut, Christophe (LOCEAN-IPSL, France,

Higginson Simon et al. (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada,

Holloway, Greg (Institute of Ocean Sciences, Canada,

Houssais, Marie-Noelle (LOCEAN-IPSL, France,

Jahn, Alexandra (UCAR, USA,

Jackson, Jennifer (UW,USA,

Ji, Rubao (WHOI, USA,

Jin, Meibing (IARC, USA,

Johnson, Helen (Oxford University, UK,

Karcher, Michael (AWI, Germany,

Kawaguchi, Yusuke (JAMSTEC,

Krishfield, Richard (WHOI, USA,

Landing, William M.  (Florida State University, USA,

Laxon, Seymour (University College London, UK,

Ledwell, Jim (WHOI, USA,

Legg, Sonya (Princeton University, USA,

Lemieux, Jean-Francois (McGill University, Canada,

Lique Camille (University of Washington, USA,

Long, Zhenxia  (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada,

Lu, Youyu (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada,

Luneva, Maria (National Oceanographic Center, UK,

Mahadevan, Amala (WHOI, USA,

Martin, Torge (University of Washington, USA,

Nguyen, An T (MIT, USA, atnguyen@MIT.EDU)

Nudds, Shannon (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada,

Nurser, George (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, Southampton, U.K.,

Paquin, Jean-Philippe (UQAM, Montreal, Canada,

Perrie, William  (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada,

Perovich, Don (CRREL, USA,

Peterson K. Andrew (Met Office Hadley Centre, UK,

Piacsek, Steve (NRL, USA,

Platov, Gennady (Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics, Russia,

Prinsenberg, Simon (Bedford Institute of Oceanography Fisheries and Ocean Canada,

Popova, Katya (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK,

Proshutinsky, Andrey (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA,

Renaud-Desjardins, Louis (McGill University, Canada,

Richter-Menge, Jackie (CRREL, USA,

Roberts, Andrew (Naval Postgraduate School, USA,

Rudels, Bert (Finish Institute of Marine Research,

Schauer, Ursula (AWI,

Schroeder, David (University College London, UK,

Seo, Hyodae (WHOI, USA,

Smith, Gregory (RPN-E, Environment Canada,

Squire, Vernon (University of Otago, New Zealand,

Stanley, Rachel (WHOI, USA,

Steele, Mike (University of Washington, USA,

Steiner, Nadja (Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis, Canada,

Stewart , Kial D. (The Johns Hopkins University, USA,

Strey-Mellema, Sara (U of Illinois,

Timmermans, Mary-Louise (Yale University, USA,

Toole, John (WHOI, USA,

Tsamados , Michel (University College London, UK,

Tremblay Bruno (McGill University, Canada,

Wang, Xuezhu (Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany,

Webster, Melinda (UW, USA,

Weifeng (Gordon), Zhang (WHOI, USA,

Wekerle, Claudia (AWI, Germany,

West, Alex (Met Office, Exeter, UK,

Whitefiled, Jonathan (UAF,

Woodgate, Rebecca (UW, USA,

Yang, Jiayan (WHOI, USA,

Yoshida, Sachiko (WHOI,USA,

Last updated: July 18, 2014

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