Cindy Pilskaln

Professor of Oceanography
School for Marine Science and Technology
University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth


Oceanus was actually the first WHOI ship I sailed on as a grad student in Woods Hole in the early 1980's (on one of Val's epic winter No. Atlantic trips)--and so it was very special for me to sail as Chief Scientist many years later for a series of mooring cruises to the offshore basins of the Gulf of Maine.  In late Oct. 2005 (OC418) we had an especially nasty encounter with a 'perfect storm' situation--Hurricane Wilma and a northeaster were scheduled to roll into one another right as we were set to do our thing.  But thanks to the the best ship and crew that I have worked with in the Gulf of Maine (which spans many years and many trips), we ducked and dodged big winds and seas as well as some intense lightening, recovered 3 moorings plus a large surface buoy, turned them around in the lee of an island, then snagged a really short weather window to drop them all back in successfully, leaving Wilma in our wake, churning in the Gulf.  Thank you Larry, Diego, Moose, Clindor, Paul, Leo, Patrick, Al and Jim---and thank you Oceanus.

Dr. Cindy Pilskaln