Anna McIntyre-Wressnig

Postdoc Investigator
Geology & Geophysics
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


The attached picture was taken by Marti Jeglinski during Oceanus cruise 455 in September 2009 . The weather was so bad that we couldn't do any work for 4 days - the picture was taken on day three. Seas were so high that we were not allowed to go out on deck and it was hard to stay upright (or even stay sitting). So the best place to be was close to the floor. So there we were, in the lab, from left to right: Anna McIntyre-Wressnig (Postdoc Investigator), Joan Bernhard (PI) and Ellen Roosen (Senior Research Assistant I). The high seas can be seen through the porthole - the waves were so high that they regularly reached above the porthole. We were actually quite a large science party but many members got so sea sick that they spent most of the cruise in their bunks... Luckily, day 5 of the cruise was perfect, sunny, calm and warm, so we ended up getting some work done after all...