Jim Irish

Oceanographer Emeritus
Physical Oceanography
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


During my career (1966 to present), I have sailed on the R/V Oceanus, Endeavor and the Wecoma.  I liked the Oceanus because its deck and laboratory layouts best fitted my application - mooring work complemented by CTD surveys.  In addition, the Oceanus crew provided outstanding help and support in all cruise activities.

My heaviest use was during the GLOBEC Long Term Moored program on Georges Bank, working with Ken Brink, Bob Beardsley, Bill Williams, Scott Worrilow, Ryan Schrawder, Paul Fucile, Jeff Van Keuren , Nick Witzell, Dave Schroeder, Jim Doutt, Jim Dunn, Pat O’Malley, Jeff Lord, Jim Ryder, Will Ostrom, and others.  Outstanding support from the OCEANUS crew was given by Paul Howland, Larry Bearse. Courtenay Barber, Diego Mello, Jeff Stolp, Horace Medieros, Laura Gopfert, Chris Griner, and others.  I sailed on the Oceanus on the last trip that Paul Howland was Captain before retiring, and then our next cruise was on the R/V KNORR with Paul Howland as relief Capt.   I can’t say enough about the quality, dedication and hard work provided by the Oceanus crew in support of our research.  

During GLOBEC, we deployed and recovered science moorings on the Crest, Southern Flank and Northeast Peak of Georges Bank with accompanying guard buoys.  Moorings were deployed in November, turned around in March and recovered in October of 1995 through 1999.  Six month turnarounds were required for the bio-fouling of the bio-optical sensors, so cruises were scheduled in the fall as the weather was turning bad and in the spring before it turned nice.  When the weather was too bad for mooring work, we did CTD surveys, and when the weather was too bad for CTDS, we just hung on tight for a day or two.   I am sorry to see the Oceanus retired as she supplied years of excellent support to the oceanographic community and to my research. 

Jim Irish
Oceanographer Emeritus, WHOI
8 Nov 2011