Joan Bernhard

Senior Scientist
Geology & Geophysics
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


From July to September 2009, it felt like the R/V Oceanus was a second home because I sailed with her 3 times.  I have sailed on Oceanus a total of 7 times, four of those cruises as Chief Scientist (OC 376-2, OC424-1, OC455, OC461).  The Captain and crew always helped obtain the best possible samples but sometimes the weather did not cooperate, other times the equipment did not cooperate.  For example, on OC455, there was a 3-day gale that even prohibited CTDs.  On more than one occasion, the cold van compressor decided to go on vacation in the middle of our sampling efforts.  When sampling though, we invariably had mud strewn across the fantail and quarterdeck for days on end.  We’d also ask that our sieving station be shaded from the sun or rain.  Thanks so much to the Captain and all the crew for your efforts on our behalf!  With highest regards to Captain Diego, Chief Engineer Mike, Mate Logan, Bo’sun Clindoor, and AB Leo.  Here is hoping you, the rest of Oceanus crew, and the Oceanus have nothing but smooth sailing in the future.  

Joan M. Bernhard, Senior Scientist, WHOI