Mary Lardie Gaylord

Research Assistant III
Geology & Geophysics
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


My favorite story of the Oceanus is:
In September 2009 I was aboard the Oceanus for a 6 day cruise.  It was supposed to be quick and relatively easy.  A nor'easter beat us to our sampling sites and sat on us for four days!  Most of the science crew was sick including my coworker, David, who was experiencing his first time at sea.  I walked into the galley as the cook, Scott, was pulling a fresh batch of cookies from the oven.  Showing my appreciation of the cookies, I picked one up and said "Thank you", and Scott replied "And no one will eat them".  "Their loss" I thought as I made my way to the lab with my fresh, warm cookie.  I sat on a stool and started eating my cookie and from the floor came this: "I hate you for eating that cookie."  I looked down and sitting on a low beach chair was David- sick, hungry, and tired.  I felt so bad.  I'm sure all he had was saltines for the last two days.  It made me realize how lucky I was not being sick, and wished we weren't bobbing up and down in 20 ft seas.