Peter Brewer and Edward Peltzer

Peter Brewer
Senior Scientist
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Edward T. Peltezer
Senior Research Specialist
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute


A combined contribution from Peter Brewer and Ed Peltzer

Ah, yes, our first cruise together.  We left Woods Hole on a bright sunny day without a cloud in the sky or a hint of a wave at sea.  12 hours later we crossed the Gulf Stream and all hell broke loose.

I remember water sampling in the Florida Straits where a school of mahi-mahi followed the bottles to the surface.  As fast as the crew could bait hooks, they bit, were hauled aboard, filleted by the Captain and hustled into the kitchen.  Less than an hour later they were dinner.  The only way to have fresher fish was for them to swim directly into the galley...

While the crew was busy fishing, Catherine and I were drawing water samples.  It was so rough, water was running over the decks.  We were sitting on milk crates, so every time we took on water, we would grab the sample bottle flats and hold them up in the air while we picked-up our feet and let the water rush by through the milk crates.

A few days later was Thanksgiving and the cook put out a fine spread.  After dinner "the weather started getting rough."  For the next 16 hours, I watched my chair chase my shoes around my cabin, and listened to the sound of the toilet seat crashing.  We took some big rolls that night...

It all ended well, and while I finished running the last of the DOC samples, you and the rest of the team went gator watching in the Everglades...

Two memorable events occurred:

1. This was the first case I remember of the Brewer Lab motto being invoked: "warm water, short cruises and no heavy lifting!"

2. It was also the first case of the "one cruise, one paper" bar being set.

Ed Peltzer

The paper mentioned is:   Brewer et al. (1989) CO2 transport by ocean currents at 25 degrees N latitude in the Atlantic Ocean. Science, 246, 477-479. It was a very successful cruise. Paul Howland was the captain.

Peter Brewer