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WHOI News Releases

Novel Tag Developed for Squid, Jellyfish

ITAG links animal behavior and environmental conditions

Scientists Identify Core Skin Bacterial Community in Humpback Whales

Results Could Aid Future Efforts to Monitor Health

What Lives in the Sea?

First Census of Marine Life Reveals Thousands of New Species

New Tsunami Education Web Site Developed by Oceanographers

A life-saving tool for coastal residents, vacationers, and emergency planners

New Temperature Reconstruction from Indo-Pacific Warm Pool

The First Word in an Unfolding Story

New Robot Sub Surveys the Deep off the Pacific Northwest

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Maps Sites for Future Ocean Observatory

Signs of Volcanoes Blowing their Tops in the Deep Ocean

Evidence of Violent Eruptions on Gakkel Ridge in the Arctic Defies Assumptions about Seafloor Pressure and Volcanism

Lakes of Meltwater Can Crack Greenland’s Ice and Contribute to Faster Ice Sheet Flow

Researchers Make First Observations of Surface Meltwater Cutting through the Ice Sheet to Lubricate the Bottom

Underwater Microscope Helps Prevent Shellfish Poisoning

Novel instrument developed at WHOI detects harmful algae in coastal waters

Richard Garvine Chosen to Receive Ketchum Award

Richard Garvine of University of Delaware chosen by peers from oceanographic community

WHOI Hosts Iron Fertilization Conference

Woods Hole Symposium Considers the Issues Involved in Using the Seas as a Solution to Global Warming

Fragmented Structure of Seafloor Faults May Dampen Effects of Earthquakes

Studies of gravity fields suggest volcanism may smooth rough edges of tectonic plates

Explorers to Use New Robotic Vehicles to Hunt for Life and Hydrothermal Vents on Arctic Seafloor

Researchers will probe the Gakkel Ridge during expedition that begins on July 1

WHOI Geologists Compile Longest Ever Record of Atlantic Hurricane Strikes

Reconstruction Reveals that El Ni?o and the West African Monsoon Have Strongly Influenced Intense Hurricane Frequency

Independent Panel Calls for Clear Aquaculture Guidelines

WHOI Convenes Task Force of Business, Environmental, and Scientific Leaders

WHOI Expands Research in Tropical Regions with New Initiative

$600,000 Gift Provides Impetus for New Projects Around the World

Antique Whale Oil Provides Insights to Origin of Pre-Industrial Chemicals

Samples from Whaleship Charles W. Morgan Helps Scientists Trace Sources

Monitoring Baleen Whales with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

First passive recordings from ocean gliders provide insight into whale behavior for some endangered species

Warmer than a Hot Tub: Atlantic Ocean Temperatures Much Higher in the Past

Study Suggests Climate Models Underestimate Future Warming

WHOI Seeks to Raise $200 Million in Comprehensive Campaign

Recent $14.5-million gift boosts current total to $133 million

How Much Excess Fresh Water Was Added to the North Atlantic in Recent Decades?

Continued Freshening of the North Atlantic Could Slow the Conveyor in the 21st Century

New Study Reports Large-scale Salinity Changes in the Oceans

Saltier tropical oceans and fresher ocean waters near the poles