Ocean Ridge Initiative (ORI): Call For Proposals


2012 Call for Proposals

Deadline for proposal submission: May 1, 2012

Award Start Date: June 15, 2012

Award Duration: One year (with all funds allocated in the first year)

Amount Available: $400,000

Proposals to the Ocean Ridge Initiative (ORI) may be submitted for project funds (e.g., research, instrument development, cruise participation), workshop expenses, or seminars that are relevant to the goals of ORI. The ORI is focused on exploring the largest continuous geologic feature on Earth – the mid-ocean ridge system – a holistic understanding of all of its myriad interlinked processes, and their impact on global ocean processes.  It encompasses a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: 

  • Exploring deep sections of Earth exposed through uplifting along ridges
  • Accessing the nature and extent of the sub-seafloor (microbial) biosphere including development of novel sampling technologies that minimize contamination and provide in situ techniques for measuring chemical and biological processes
  • Investigating off-axis volcanic activity and its implications for ocean crust formation, hydrothermal circulation and biological distributions
  • Identifying deep-sea biological communities, and characterizing the boundaries that maintain biogeographic provinces
  • Investigating the effects that ridge topography and hydrothermal venting have on mixing in the deep ocean, including dispersal of larvae and export of material and biomass to the wider ocean.

Results of funded proposals will be used to highlight the need to explore this extremely dynamic part of the deep ocean, developing and using new technologies for more efficient surveying, sensing, and sampling of areas along, beneath, and above the global mid-ocean ridge.

For more information on the Ocean Ridge Initiative: http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=29278

Awards are available to members of the Scientific and Senior Technical Staff as well as individuals who satisfy the WHOI eligibility requirements to be a Principal Investigator (see http://www.whoi.edu/page/live.do?pid=30035&tid=282&cid=34968).

Please note that an individual may not be a PI on more than two (2) proposals for this combined Ocean Institute/Access to the Sea Call for Proposals.  A Fellow application does not count as a proposal in this regard.

A total of approximately $400K is available for ORI awards in 2012, with individual proposals in the range of $50K to $100K.  Proposals will be for one year of funding, to be spent over a maximum of two years.

If you have any questions about the appropriateness of your proposal to the Ocean Ridge Initiative, or if you wish to discuss your ORI proposal in advance, please contact the DOEI Director, Dan Fornari, x2857, dfornari@whoi.edu or the DOEI Administrator, Andrew Daly, x2852, adaly@whoi.edu.

Review Process

An ad hoc committee of appropriate scientific and senior technical staff will review the proposals in each category of funding.  For each category, the committee will rate the proposals on the basis of the quality and relevance of the proposed research (described above) and make recommendations for funding to the Director of the OCCI.  The OCCI Director will then make recommendations to the Institute Oversight Council for final approval.  (The Institute Oversight Council consists of the Department Chairs, Institute Directors, all the VPs and the Chief Development Officer.)

Ponts of Contact

If you have any questions about the appropriateness of your proposal to the Ocean Ridge Initiative, or if you wish to discuss your ORI proposal in advance, please contact the DOEI Director, Dan Fornari, x2857, dfornari@whoi.edu or the DOEI Administrator, Andrew Daly, x2852, adaly@whoi.edu.

Proposal Submission and Guidelines

  • The deadline for submission of the proposals is May 1, 2012.
  • The start date for these awards will be June 15, 2012.
  • Funds will be awarded for a two year period with all funds allocated in the first year.
  • Please be sure that you will have sufficient time to accomplish the proposed work within this time frame, as the need for these funds is usually greater than the amount of funding available.

Upload proposal package online, in pdf format, at: http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=22956

The entire proposal with green sheet should be submitted in pdf format by the stated deadline and include the following (in this order):

  • The WHOI Research Proposal Summary (Green Sheet) with appropriate signatures at the Departmental level.

    1. Address Field on the routing form (green sheet) should indicate that the proposal is to be submitted to Dr. Dan Fornari, MS#24, DOEI.
    2. Agency information to be inserted is as follows:
      - Agency: WHOI Internal Awards
      - Agency Division: WHOI - DOEI
      - Program Field should be left blank

      Proposals may be jointly funded by more than one Institute/program. Proposals submitted for consideration by more than one institute should be emailed to all applicable Institutes. The prime Institute or program should be identified in the Division field on the routing form (green sheet). In addition, joint submission status should be indicated both on the Green Sheet under “Special Instructions for Repro & Mailing” and in any transmission email.
  • An Abstract: The abstract will be used for two purposes should your proposal be funded.  First, it will be part of a report to the donor that describes what we have done with the money provided to us for this program.  Therefore, the abstract should not be too technical.  The second use will be to announce to the Institution the funded projects by including the abstract on the DOEI/ORI web site.  The abstract should not exceed one page.
  • The Text: (Total length three pages not including figures and references, and PIs should use the same font restrictions as NSF proposals).  The text should describe what you wish to do.  The reviewers will be looking for a clear description of the questions you will ask, your method for achieving an answer and the relevance of the research to the key questions and goals of the ORI.  Please include a short description of how the proposed research fits in with your overall research strategy and with previously funded research projects or future proposal submissions.
  • The Budget: A simple budget that shows your proposed expenditures.  An official WHOI grants budget must be provided, but do not include the detailed "Salary & Related Cost" report.  Unusual items in the budget should be explained.
  • Current NSF-style CV and list of most recent or relevant publications for each PI.
  • Signed originals - must be sent to the Office of Grant & Contract Services, MS #39 within two days after electronic submission of pdf file. -

    Please note:
    Department(s) should retain desired copies for their files.

Final Report

A brief report is required at the end of the award period.  This report will be posted on the DOEI/ORI project web page with your abstract and used to keep the donors of the funds that support the ORI informed of the awards and to express our gratitude by sharing the results of the research.  The donors, while not necessarily trained in your field, are knowledgeable about science in general, and curious about what we do.  We wish to do everything we can to keep them fully informed of our progress.  PIs will be encouraged to work with the Communications group to prepare popular accounts of their ORI funded research.