Ocean and Climate Change Institute
2015 Call for Moltz Fellow


Application Deadline: May 1, 2015
Award Start Date: June 2015
Duration: 3 years
Director: Carol Anne Clayson (cclayson@whoi.edu)

Applications are being solicited for Ocean and Climate Change Institute (OCCI) Moltz Fellow.  A fellow will be selected based on their scientific leadership, their interest and ability to participate in interdisciplinary research, and their ability and willingness to communicate the importance of OCCI’s research to the public and to policy-makers in government.  Fellows will also be expected to work with the OCCI Director and Advisory Committee in developing research plans and directions for the Institute.

To encourage focused attention and effort on Institute activities, these positions provide salary support for three months a year, over 3 years.  In addition to salary support, discretionary funds ($1k per year) will be included to cover expenses such as supplies, communications, and travel. Institute Fellowships support salary for 3 years and include an additional year to complete spending.  

Scientific staff and senior technical and engineering staff are eligible to be selected as Fellows.  Preference will be given to candidates currently not holding a Senior Scientist Chair, or another Institute fellow position.

OCCI will be evaluating the role of the ocean in climate change through observational, theoretical and modeling studies, the development of new technology, and workshops.  The current research themes of OCCI include:

  • What is the role of the ocean in the climate system, including its internal processes, its response to remote forcings, and its linkages to and effects on other components of the climate system?

  • How does the ocean, hydrological cycle, and climate system interact on timescales from synoptic events to millennia?

  • How does the ocean act as a source or sink for atmospheric heat or CO2, and how do changes in ocean heat or carbon storage and chemistry affect climate and the biosphere?

While Fellows are normally associated with these themes, this does not have to be the case.  In particular, OCCI will consider supporting Fellows who wish to develop new research directions and large, integrated and interdisciplinary research programs.

Applications should consist of a short (2 page) letter describing the individual's research interests and plans to further the themes of OCCI, and a short (2 page) resume.  These should be sent electronically to the OCCI Director, Carol Anne Clayson (cclayson@whoi.edu), and OCCI Administrator Andrew Daly (adaly@whoi.edu) by May 1, 2015. 

OCCI expects to appoint at one Fellow through this Call with the appointments beginning in June of 2015.